Forgotten by the World, But Not Forgotten by God—or You!

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Eric Mock
Vice President of Ministry Operations

It has been an exhausting few days, but they were wonderful days of ministry. Blowing snow and a combined 14 hours of driving—yet rewarding ministry in two orphanages, visiting eight families with aid, a worship service, and an Immanuel’s Child Christmas outreach in an elementary school to 100 kids. Amazing!

I’ll just share a brief story from the ministry in Mlachevka, Ukraine.

It showed me once again the answer to this question: What does God do when there is an impoverished village full of neglected, hungry children? Answer: He plants a church.

His instruments—Pastor Nikolai and his wife Maria—found themselves with 100 children nearby, 50 of which come to their small home, which has turned into a church. Maria tells us of answering a knock at the door to find a child in tears pleading for food. She cares for the children of a family of three, each with a different father, who suffer in deep poverty and an alcoholic mother. Maria shares with us her broken heart for the state of these children. Yet in this village, forgotten by most and near the dangerous Chernobyl exclusion zone, God raised up a church with love, compassion and a heart to see these children and families loved, and reached with the Gospel.

 While we were there, Nikolai and the church held an Immanuel’s Child outreach. The children were so excited for the gifts, the Bible, and the Bethlehem Star signed by SGA partners. Many heard the names of those who had sent the Star and committed to pray for them. These precious children found out that their family was bigger than they could have imagined.  

Through Immanuel’s Child and the year-round ministries of SGA, this dear couple and their church minister to these children who have been forgotten by the world, but not forgotten by God. We praise God for raising up faithful servants in Ukraine and the other CIS nations, and for all those who support ministry to hurting and lonely children like these. And with the addition of Sunday school material through Immanuel’s Child, discipleship will continue all year. Thank you for all that you do!

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