Mar 02, 2017
Immanuel's Child

Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them
from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven
belongs to such as these”
 (Matthew 19:14).

Dr. Robert Provost
SGA President

First, I want to thank everyone who prayed for and sponsored the recent Immanuel’s Child Christmas outreaches throughout the former Soviet Union and in Israel. While we don’t have all the reports in yet, I was recently in Khabarovsk, in Far East Russia. While there, I received several wonderful, exciting reports about how our Lord blessed the IC children’s Christmas outreaches in a number of churches.

We were there to help with a conference to launch our new Reach Russia Now major evangelistic initiative. A total of 71 pastors and missionary pastors came from all over the vast territory that is as big as America. We committed to do everything possible to help them reach their nine unreached oblasts (states). We committed to holding Antioch Initiative training sessions in two locations to prepare faithful men for missionary church planting, and for serving as pastors. 

However, the most urgent needs are for more church planters and more missionary pilots. Please join us in prayer for support for 10 men who are being set apart to be sent. And please also pray for our Lord to raise up orphan workers to be sent as an Orphans Reborn team to as many of the 334 Far East orphanages as possible. And please pray for our Lord to provide support to help many little churches hold summer camp outreaches for unchurched children.

The closest region to Alaska—Chukotka—is a one-hour Cessna flight from Nome. The territory is the size of Texas with a population of 51,000 people.

There are three cities, 60 villages, and very few roads. There is one pastor, and one church with 20 members, that has planted a group that is growing into a church. They are traveling by snowmobile to take the Gospel to other villages. Please join me in praying for churches in Alaska to get involved and travel over frequently to help them. Please also pray for our Lord to provide an airplane and pilot to be located in Chukotka. 

Your prayers, encouragement, and support are vital in helping us launch this exciting new Gospel advancement. The government in Moscow continues to implement the new law that violates our Lord’s command that we make disciples of all the nations. Please pray that our Lord will place a hedge of protection around all our Gospel advancement initiatives. Pray that children all over Far East Russia will not be hindered in coming to our Savior. And thank you again for all that you do.

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