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Oct 06, 2021
Insight From Michael
Insight from Michael

The stories keep pouring in . . . and keep prompting us to praise. And prayer.

Even though I have seen them for many years now, it still amazes me to see the stacks and stacks of reports that we get from SGA-supported missionary pastors across the former Soviet Union. Our director of communications and others on our ministry team regularly pore through these reports, choosing which ones to share with you in our publications, and it is no easy task because the reports are full of testimonies about God’s power to change lives.There is no way we could ever share them all from across Russia’s 11 time zones. 

And that is yet another amazing thing! Russia alone is truly so vast—thousands of miles of territory and much of it yet to be reached with the Gospel. But the fact that God chooses to use you and me—and hundreds of faithful missionary pastors, their families, and their churches—to be vessels of the Gospel, and involved in many men, women, and children coming to saving faith in Christ . . . never ceases to fill me with awe and wonder. I know that our staff feels the same way when they hear the marvelous testimonies. 

As you read the Good News Report this month, I would like to ask you to be in prayer. Pray for these pastors, children’s workers, youth ministers, and Orphans Reborn workers on a regular basis. Our Immanuel’s Child Christmas ministries will be here before you know it. The harsh winter for which Russia is known has already started in some regions of the country, and that will again highlight the need for Compassion Ministry—food and other vitally important aid. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be far from over, and that creates a host of other deep needs. But our God is faithful, and we can trust in His gracious provision. 

Please know how thankful I am for you, and for what you do in support of our ministries. We truly could not do what we do without you. And lives are being changed for eternity as a result!

For our Savior,

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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