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Sep 16, 2022
Insight From Michael

Why Immanuel’s Child Must “Ramp Up” Now

Since the war in Ukraine broke out in late February, so much of our attention at SGA has been focused on helping the faithful churches there as they continue to share the Gospel and minister to their people in such horrible circumstances. Yet even as ministry amid the war continues, we realize that other vitally important ministries across the other former Soviet countries must continue, and here we are ready to embark on yet another upcoming Christmas season and the Immanuel’s Child outreach. 

By now, most of our long-time partners and readers will know that Immanuel’s Child is a very important ministry to me personally as I was deeply involved in its creation two decades ago. It is a truly wonderful ministry in that it reaches thousands of needy children each year with the Gospel and the true story of Christmas. 

Immanuel’s Child also helps the local churches build credibility in their communities as they see their children receive the special Christmas gifts, and the love of Christ in action.

Especially wonderful is that Immanuel’s Child brings together churches here in North America with churches across Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other former Soviet countries—united with the goal of seeing boys and girls, along with their parents and caregivers, come to saving faith in Christ. It also unites our individual partners here as they send in gifts (and signed Bethlehem stars) for distribution to the children. Everyone is working together to advance the life-changing Gospel—something that is all the more poignant and special in the midst of a horrible war in Ukraine. The churches there will be resourceful and flexible as they always are, and will continue on with their ministries despite the challenges and dangers. 

In the days ahead as the Christmas season gets closer, please join us in interceding in advance for Immanuel’s Child, and for our other ongoing ministries across the former Soviet Union. What joy and peace it gives us to know that our God is not hindered by war, a bad global economy, weather, or any other obstacles that get raised in this fallen world. He is always victorious, and His name will be glorified as the Gospel goes forth. Thank you for your faithful partnership in it all!

For our Savior,

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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