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Feb 01, 2023
Insight From Michael

How Many Lives Has God Redeemed? How Many Are Still to Come?

Because much attention has been focused on Ukraine in the past year due to the war—and rightly so—it is easy for other vitally important ministries to be overlooked. In the midst of the current crisis, the other outreaches supported by SGA have continued on impacting many lives for the glory of Christ. This month’s Good News Report is focused on Orphans Rebornwhich has changed the lives of tens of thousands of children across the former Soviet Union since its inception. 

But think with me for a moment about the other ministries you help sustain through SGA. Consider Bible training ministries—sponsorship of key evangelical seminaries and Bible institutes in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other former Soviet nations that are preparing hundreds of faithful servants for lifetimes of faithful ministry. The war in Ukraine has resulted in vastly increased support for Compassion Ministry, and we are constantly seeing the fruit of that outreach in the reports sent to us by the missionary pastors you help support. And support of the missionary pastors in and of itself is another vital ministry—taking the Gospel to regions that are yet unreached as well as strengthening and growing existing churches. The provision of Bibles and doctrinally sound Christian literature continues on, and we know from the promise of God that His proclaimed Word will accomplish its purpose (Isaiah 55:11). 

It is humbling to consider how the Lord has graciously used our mission to proclaim the Gospel for 89 years as of last month. SGA was founded by Peter Deyneka Sr. in Chicago in January 1934. The year 2024 will mark 90 years of Gospel ministry to Slavic peoples in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and around the world. Only the Lord knows the actual number of men, women, and children reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and how many are in the company of the redeemed. I, along with the entire SGA family, are so deeply thankful to you and all of our partners through the years who have been involved in this great work of God. May we continue to remain faithful at our posts until He comes again! 

For our Savior,

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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