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May 23, 2023

What these pastors are doing is astounding . . . and you are part of it!  

By now, most of you are familiar with what we call SGA’s “tagline” that you see at the beginning of all our publications—Sharing the Gospel, Equipping the Church, Helping the Forgotten. These three points sum up all that we do through our mission. We exist to serve the churches Christ is building across the former Soviet Union as they advance the Gospel. 

The articles you have been reading this month show a good cross section of the daily lives of the faithful missionary pastors you help support. They help war refugees. They visit the sick and needy with food, clothing, and as always, the life-changing Gospel as God opens doors. They serve in their churches and make disciples. They lead teams of church workers out into their communities and regions to reach people for Christ. They are the love, mercy, and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ on display day in and day out. They are truly an inspiration and set a loving, living example of Christian service that we would do well to emulate as the Lord grants us the opportunities. 

When you think about their ministry environment, consider what they do with whatever arises. In a time of war, they spring into action to help affected people—and advance the Gospel. During a global pandemic, they spring into action to render aid to individuals and families—and advance the Gospel. When their governments begin exerting pressure on believers and their churches, they respond by showing more love, more commitment—and continuing to advance the Gospel. When they encounter outright persecution in their regions, they do not respond with wrath or recrimination. They keep on modeling the love of Christ, helping their people as the Lord grants opportunity—and advance the Gospel, trusting in the Lord to do His work in human hearts as only He can. And in times of openness, they joyfully seize the opportunities the Lord has granted them to serve, love—and advance the Gospel. 

In all of this, our brothers and sisters are so very thankful to God, and to you, our partners in ministry. Not just our partners, but their partners as well. Together, more and more lost men, women, and children are hearing of the great love of Christ, and how they can have their sins forgiven by repenting and trusting in Him as their Lord. I am thankful to God for you also, and cannot adequately express that enough.

For our Savior,

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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