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Mar 22, 2019

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Summer Bible camps: A time to be born anew and grow!

Every April, we look forward to putting together our Good News Report on summer camp ministry. Most often, we ask you to pray for the upcoming camp season (lasting from June through August) while looking back at the fruit of the previous year’s camp sessions. It brings us such joy to look at the wonderful pictures of the children having the time of their lives, yet also knowing that many will be forever changed as they hear the Gospel and trust in Christ as their Savior.

None of this could happen each year without you, our faithful partners in ministry. Your love and compassion for the children is truly having an eternal impact. Most of the kids come from very needy families, and at times dysfunctional families. Many orphan children are given the opportunity to come to a week of camp and experience the love of Christian people firsthand. Memories are planted that will last a lifetime. And in the proclamation of the Gospel . . . in the love shown to these little ones in the name of Him who said . . . let the children come to Me (Matthew 19:14), our Lord is glorified.

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Please join us in advance as we intercede in prayer for the churches who will be holding summer camps across the CIS. Depending on the country and region, some of these camps must be held very discreetly because of the opposition to evangelical churches. Pray that the Lord will work in the children’s hearts as they hear of Christ’s love, and even in the hearts of their caregivers as the children return home and share their experiences. And please pray for the resources needed to help as many children attend camp as possible. Thank you for all that you do!

For our Savior,

Michael Johnson President

Michael Johnson

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