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Feb 13, 2024
Central Asia
Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by Diana in Central Asia.

In the story below, you will read about Anya. Anya was a heavily burdened woman when SGA team member Diana and her husband showed up at her doorstep and knocked on her door. Through this visit of conversation and gifts of food and clothes, a bond was formed. 

As Anya shared her story, there were tears of hope. This first visit was only the beginning of what would lead to more and more deep conversations, reading the Bible together, and eventually attending an SGA-supported church, salvation, and baptism!  

“Church is the only place where my children want to come with joy,” Anya says. “They wait all week for Sunday. No one has ever said anything bad about my children.”This visit didn’t only affect Anya though. Her children, who both have special needs, were accepted and loved for the first time. There was no judgment nor any unkind words. The church family was exactly what this weary family needed. Please continue to pray for Anya’s husband., Vasily and that he would come to that same saving faith very soon.    

Diana writes…

We met Anya through the ministry of mercy. We heard about their need. Anya’s husband is disabled. Her two children attend a school for children with special needs. The youngest daughter is autistic. We came to her house and brought food and clothes. We said that we are Christians and that God had sent us to take care of she and her family. She began to cry. She couldn’t believe it.

Anya told us her story:

“When I was still a child, my grandmother brought me to church every Sunday. I remember Sunday school classes. Fascinating stories of biblical heroes. Tasty treats and Christian camps. Now it seems to me as if it didn’t happen to me. Grandmother died. I stopped going to church. I became a young girl, and my life took on other interests. I married my husband and gave birth to a son. We didn’t live long in marriage. I dispelled myself and my son stayed with his father. I tried to find meaning in life and couldn’t find it. Soon I got married a second time. Two children were born, but each of them had disabilities. My husband was injured and became disabled. Now all the burden of responsibility lies with me. I was at the very bottom of my despair when you knocked on my door. Now I understand that it was God who knocked on my heart.” 

With these words our friendship with Anya and her family began. We came again and Anya told a lot about her life and shared her heart with us. Afterwards we began to read the Bible and pray together.

One day Anya asked: “Can I come to church this Sunday?” Of course, we answered “yes!” Anya came to the Sunday meeting. She cried throughout the service. God touched her heart. Soon she brought her children. She was very worried about how others would react to her special children, because in society they always laugh at them and reproach her. Of course, the whole church accepted the little ones. We showed love and acceptance.  Anya said:  “Church is the only place where my children want to come with joy. They wait all week for Sunday. No one has ever said anything bad about my children.”

Anya began to cry. The love she received as a child came back to her and surrounded her vulnerable children. Anya received water baptism. Her son is now in a teenage spiritual growth group. Her daughter attends Sunday school for children. We believe that her husband Vasily will one day also come to Christ. Please remember Vasily and Anya and their children in your prayers.

God is good and His mercy endures forever!

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