Sep 18, 2017
Crisis Evangelism Fund

Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ . . .
standing firm in 
one spirit, with one mind striving together
for the faith of the Gospel
 (Philippians 1:27).

Pastor Mikhail
Donetsk Region

In eastern Ukraine, fighting between separatists and government forces continues despite several attempts at peace negotiations. The danger to thousands of families is very real and heartbreaking. Those who have not fled the area have a very difficult time putting food on the table. And worse—they live in constant fear of mortar shells or bullets ripping into their homes. 

It is into this dangerous mission field that SGA-sponsored missionary pastors are stepping, and distributing the humanitarian aid our partners help provide through the Crisis Evangelism Fund. As Pastor Mikhail writes from the Donetsk region, the churches are coming together to make a difference for Christ by reaching out to as many families as possible . . . 

People are getting saved and receiving the Lord. More and more people are now in situations where they are willing to accept financial help and to hear the Word of God. For the brothers and sisters in our churches, it’s the best way for one-on-one witnessing.

In Yenakievo, members from two local churches are visiting several families. The Baburin family has especially suffered tremendously from the war, and this has made them open to hearing the Word of God—they had actually been coming to listen before we began aid distribution, but now are thankful to receive the help. In yet another family being visited, the children attend Sunday school and the Christian Club for children. Their mother has already attended the worship service and is already more open to believers and ready to listen to the Word. 

Please pray for the safety of the church teams as they visit and minister to those whose lives have been shattered by the war, and for God’s continued provision.

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