A few weeks ago, SGA’s Eric Mock was in the Russian region of Yakutia to participate in Bible training for missionary pastors in the region. As he relates, this time together was vitally important for these relatively new believers as they prepare for future evangelism in one of the coldest, most remote parts of the earth . . .  

“As I was teaching through Genesis, the questions from the brothers were both practical and theological. It was exciting to realize that I was helping to train the future pastors, missionaries and leaders that will be the ones planting and leading churches both now, and in the future across this vast and overwhelmingly unreached region. It was a joy to assist them in developing greater confidence in God’s Word.  

The purpose of this training is to help local missionary pastors and church workers to both strengthen their foundational understanding of God’s Word, and to enhance their ability to search the Word as questions and situations arise in the church. They also had many questions about issues that arise day to day for pastors, and I was able to provide biblical answers to them in this regard as well. It was a wonderful two weeks, and in both classes we underscored the urgent need to take the Gospel to the many unreached villages across Yakutia. Please pray as we help them plan for monthly trips to unreached villages, and include youth ministry as well as other prospective outreaches. These faithful believers are so wonderful!  What a joy it is that we can serve them in not only preparing, but also sending the first general of believers here. God be praised!” 

We are thankful for the prayers and support of SGA partners who help make outreaches like this possible. You are truly having eternal impact in these towns and villages that have been so difficult to reach because of their remoteness and limited resources. Please join us in praying for more opportunities to advance the Gospel in Yakutia and the rest of Far East Russia.  

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