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Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member in Belarus.
Maybe God Will Forgive Me Too 1

“Can I pray . . . maybe God will forgive me, too? I have done a lot of bad things.” These are the words from Egor, a young orphan boy, after hearing the Gospel shared with him in a way that he could more easily and readily understand. 

This was just an “ordinary visit” between Egor and Sergei, a faithful man who ministers through the SGA-supported Orphans Reborn ministry. God revealed Himself to this young boy on a day when it was not expected, but a day that God had ordained. 

Praise God that He opens hearts in His way and in His timing! Please pray for young Egor and that he will live out his prayer of repentance. Pray also for Sergei, as he will continue to minister and disciple this young boy through regular visits to the orphanage.   

Peace be with you, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!

I am glad that our joint work for orphans continues and that God’s mercy is seen in every visit to the orphanage.

Maybe God Will Forgive Me Too 2

In the first photo you will see a young man, his name is Egor. Egor is in the eighth grade, and he has big problems with his studies. He motivates his unwillingness to study by the fact that he is going to work at a construction site anyway, and he doesn’t need much knowledge there. I had to take time to convince him otherwise. I asked him two tasks: the first is how to calculate the foundation to withstand a two-story house? Second, what material is needed for the walls to withstand the floor slabs, and how many bricks are needed to build a two-story house? Egor thought about it and said: Well, yes, here you need to have some knowledge to calculate all this. So, we came to the conclusion that he urgently needed to improve his knowledge in all subjects.

Then we talked with him about Jesus and the fact that Jesus wants all people to be reconciled to God through the prayer of repentance. Egor asked what repentance was, and I explained it to him. Then Egor asked: “Can I pray too?” To which I replied: “Yes you can.” Then Egor said: “Can I pray, maybe God will forgive me too? I have done a lot of bad things.” I told him: “Pray, God is ready to listen to your prayer.” The prayer was simple: “God, forgive me my sins and let me become good and study well.” That’s how it is. I did not expect to witness a young man’s prayer of repentance before God on this ordinary visit. Praise Christ!

The children are also thankful for all who are involved in their lives. They are thankful for the fruit and candy that bring them temporary joys. Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for your constancy in serving the orphaned children and for your loving heart! To God be the glory!”

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