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Editor’s Note: The following testimonies and images are provided by an SGA team member in Ukraine.

With SGA partners’ support through our Ukraine Winter Heat & Hope Campaign this past winter, Ukrainian evangelical churches were able to help families who had no way to heat their homes — including the elderly, the disabled, and others who cannot evacuate — were able to survive. Churches were equipped to become centers of heat and hope, as hurting people in their communities reached out for emergency help.

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, congregations provided blankets and other much-needed winter relief supplies that God used to meet immediate physical needs in the harsh cold months. In these interactions, He also opened the door for sharing the Gospel!

Here a few messages of gratefulness received from Ukrainians who received help and hope through the outreach of an SGA-supported church in their community . . .

Messages Of Gratitude For Heat And Hope Testimony 1

My name is Svetlana. I am from southern Ukraine. I am very grateful for the blankets and food. My husband and I rent one room [here]. That is why such support and help is very important for us. Thank you very much!

Messages Of Gratitude For Heat And Hope Testimony 2

My name is Vera. I am an IDP [internally displaced person] from eastern Ukraine. We moved to live [here]. There were four of us in the family: my husband, my son and my brother. Unfortunately, my husband and son were killed. My brother is staying with me. We rent an apartment. People take great care of us! They provide us with blankets, food and medicine. We are very grateful to God and all those whose hearts are with us in our grief!

Messages Of Gratitude For Heat And Hope Testimony 3

My name is Lana and I currently live [here]. I have no job right now, so all your help is very timely. Thank you very much for your care, for your open hearts, for finding time and for your desire to help other people. It is very valuable!

Messages Of Gratitude For Heat And Hope Testimony 4

My name is Dmytro. I moved from a city in eastern Ukraine when the war started. I have been living [here] for several months. It is difficult to find a job at all. I want to thank you for your help to us ordinary Ukrainians. Especially to those who suffered a lot in this war. May God always bless you for your good deeds!

Messages Of Gratitude For Heat And Hope Testimony 5

My name is Denis, I came from eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, my town is destroyed, there is no life there now, only ruins. Everything has been reduced to ashes! That’s why I, my parents and brother, are all scattered across Ukraine. We miss our city very much, we miss each other. But the Lord does not leave us, He blesses us and supports us through you. Thank you for everything you do for us. Praise the Lord for you!

Messages Of Gratitude For Heat And Hope Testimony 6

I used to live in the occupied territory. Life was unbearable, constant shelling, no electricity, no gas. We often did not even see bread for weeks. It was very difficult. We also survived the flood, when the Hydroelectric Power Station was blown up. Many people fled, leaving their homes, everything they had accumulated over the years, left everything behind and just fled. I was able to escape too. Volunteers helped me. At first, I fled to the eastern part of the country, but there was no opportunity to live peacefully either. I had no money because I had no job. Later, I moved [here]. It seemed to be a better place to live. We have help here. We serve in the church. I thank God for this opportunity. I am grateful that He sends such kind, compassionate people on my way, who sacrifice and support me. Blessings to you all!

Messages Of Gratitude For Heat And Hope Testimony 7

Greetings, friends! My name is Denis. I am from eastern Ukraine. I have been living through this war for 10 years*. At first, we thought that the war would last for about six months or up to a year and everything would be over. But it continues to this day. It was hard to be there and I left for [here]. I started going to church. I accepted the Lord in my heart and now I realize that the war is a blessing for me! Here . . . I met my future wife. Of course, war is fear and pain and grief, but for me it is again a blessing that in such difficult circumstances God gave me a Christian wife.

Thank you for your support and help! Thank you for your concern and for worrying and praying for our people. It is very valuable for us!

*Editor’s Note: Denis is referring to when Russia-backed separatists in regions of eastern Ukraine first began armed conflict with the Ukrainian government in 2014. The Russian military invasion of Ukraine took place in February of 2022.

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary and SGA-supported Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, and hygiene supplies.

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