Mar 02, 2017

Ministering to the Widowed (James 1:27)

Pastor Alexander Povroznuk
Zhitomir, Ukraine

Every Saturday I visit local widows and hold Bible studies with them. There are about 15 who are coming to my Bible study. Two of the women left Zhitomir and moved to Sumy and Rivne. I called the local pastors to make sure that they follow up with these widows so they are not forgotten. 

Together, we joyfully sing Christian hymns, and the ladies already have their favorite songs. They actively participate in the study and discuss the Word. Please pray for them, because some have relatives who are pressuring them, thinking that they belong to some cult or sect. To counter this, one of our widows brought a friend last Saturday, so that she could see what we do during our meetings. She went home satisfied that all was well! Another lady named Natasha—who only began attending a couple of months ago, shared that she has already read the book of Genesis! We are seeing more of them get involved in other women’s ministries in our church. We praise God for this ministry!

Compassion Ministry in Central Asia

Greetings to you, dear brothers and sisters! I am very grateful to you for your prayers and support, which gives me the chance to serve the Lord and visit families. It is really a good way to reach people for Christ in Tajikistan. Many people live in poverty and they are very happy and thankful when someone brings them something to eat. Even if they are not into God’s Word immediately, with your prayers and ours, God in time opens their hearts!

A new believer named Viola in our church will be baptized soon. We also continue to conduct worship at her home. Each Monday evening, I evangelize with the Gospel of John and new people come. Our hostess always tries to prepare a tasty meal for us. As the visitors hear about the Lord Jesus, there are results. One woman has begun to visit with other members of Viola’s family. Please continue to pray for them as they become closer to the Lord!

Reach Russia Now

  • Nearly the size of the continental U.S. 
  • 9 states (oblasts)
  • 6.3 million people
  • Rich in natural resources
  • 62 evangelical churches, 45 pastors, 5 missionary pastors
  • A heaven-sent opportunity to reach this vast, unreached region for Christ!

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