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Editor’s Note: The following commentary on SGA-supported outreach in Israel was provided by SGA Senior Vice President of Ministry Operations, Eric Mock.

Since the Israel-Hamas war began, many in the Ukrainian and Russian-speaking evangelical churches we serve wonder if another attack is coming. But this time from Hezbollah in the North.

Most reports show about 80 percent of the Israeli military up on the northern border. They don’t know what Hezbollah will do. They’re in constant fear that now, all of a sudden, it’s the eye of the storm before rockets come from the North. So even as they attempt to go back to normal, there’s this recognition that at any second, at any moment—much like what happened to them earlier on October 7—everything could change.

God has graciously placed SGA-supported churches in Israel where they can help share truth and hope for today—and for eternity. These include Ukrainians who fled the war in one country and are now faced with a new war in Israel.

They are showing overwhelmed Israelis what it means to be followers of Jesus. They are delivering bags of groceries to hurting and hungry people. They are building relationships with their non-believing neighbors, and these relationships provide bridges for questions to be asked and the Gospel to go forth.

Pray that families in Israel will come to Christ and that God will continue to strengthen and equip His people to meet urgent physical needs and share Jesus.

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