Jul 03, 2017
People in Remote Areas
“SGA US, this is Yakutia in Far East Russia. The Skyhawk has landed. I repeat, the Skyhawk has landed!” In 1992, a sister with an evangelistic heart began to reach out to villages extending to Provyeda. She shared the Gospel and distributed Bibles, but the distances to cover were great. One night, she dreamed of an airplane—one that would carry missionaries to these villages. And they all began to pray.
Just a few years ago, Dwayne King began surveying the region where a plane could be placed. As he visited various groups of believers, they all told him that they had been praying for years for a plane to carry missionaries. Finally, on June 25th, as this dear lady stood by with over 100 Sakha believers, Dwayne landed the newly restored Cessna Skyhawk in a grassy field next to her. Now stationed in Provyeda, this plane and a young missionary pilot will carry missionary pastors, lay leaders and supplies to a many waiting villages.
The Gospel is going forth. Join with us in praising God for this amazing day! Much prayer much power!
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