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May 21, 2024
Central Asia
Editor’s Note: The following testimony and images were provided by an SGA team member in Kazakhstan.

At Christmastime, Viktor was visited by SGA team member Diana and her husband, Sasha, after they heard of Viktor’s heartbreaking story. He was given food and Christmas gifts for his family. They were invited to the Immanuel’s Child Christmas celebrations at an SGA-supported church, and the family was delighted to attend! 

Since then, there has been much change and growth in them all! Through Sunday church services, Sunday school, Bible studies, summer camps, and the faithfulness of frequent visits and discipleship from church members over the past year, this family is now able to celebrate Christmas through new eyes! Please pray for the lives that will be touched this year through Immanuel’s Child ministry. Pray also for Diana and Sasha as they faithfully serve together in each new day. Here’s Viktor’s story . . .

“Viktor is the father of three sons. The two eldest sons, Misha and Ivan, are elementary school students. Timofey is three years old. Viktor is an engineer by training. When he married his wife, he could not even think that she was a drug addict. At that time, she was addicted to soft drugs and hid it. Afterwards she gave birth to three sons. She began to take drugs more and more often. Children annoyed her. She left them alone while Viktor was at work and went out with friends. Viktor began to notice that things began to disappear from the house. One day, he discovered there was nothing left in the house because her friends arrived at night to take the last things from the house with the goal of selling them and buying her another dose of the drug. Viktor went out into the yard, he wanted to protect himself from robbers (his wife’s friends). But these people started beating him. He was beaten for so long that Viktor lost consciousness. In the morning, the children saw their father lying on the ground. He was under severe stress and screamed for help. The neighbors came and called an ambulance. Viktor ended up in intensive care. His skull was broken into several pieces. He underwent open brain surgery. He spent several months in the hospital. At first, he was in a coma. When he was discharged home, he was greeted by his children and neighbor. The neighbor is a Christian who attends our church. She had not previously known about Viktor’s situation with his wife, since Viktor tried to maintain his wife’s reputation and took good care of the children and home. The neighbors didn’t think there was anything wrong with the family. The first words that Viktor uttered when he came to his senses were: “God exists because He brought me back from the other world so that the children would not remain orphans.”

We heard about Viktor’s story. We visited his house. It was during Christmas days of last year. We brought Christmas gifts and food for their family. We invited the boys to the Christmas theater at church. The children were delighted. After that, we made a schedule of visits and helped Viktor as much as we could. The guardianship wanted to take the children away from Viktor, since his condition is similar to that of a person who has suffered a stroke. One part of his body did not work. And he could neither cook food nor clean the house. But thank God, every time the guardianship authorities came to check Viktor’s legal capacity and look at the living conditions in the house, everything was clean, the food was prepared and the children had everything they needed in their rooms.

Viktor, seeing the care of our team, wanted to attend Sunday service in the church. They came to church and cried all the time. God touched his heart so much. My husband approached him and invited him to accept Jesus into his heart. Viktor prayed with him. Afterwards he said: “I was broken into a thousand pieces. But now God, who saved my life, is restoring me.” Viktor and his boys started going to church every Sunday. The boys attended all of our summer camps and are now going to Sunday school. Viktor began participating in a midweek Bible study, and they all attended meetings together every Sunday for the past year. Viktor says: “The church is like family to me. I have never received so much care, attention, and friendship before. Christians helped me see God through their good deeds. Now I am one of you.

Viktor was truly inspired and made new friends. He began to notice that life was getting better, and his health was improving. Viktor recently said: “My only regret is that I didn’t come to church earlier. There would be fewer problems. Now I want my children to grow up in the house of God among Christians. I myself enjoy communicating and try to learn new things.”

God is good and gives hope to everyone! He restores the broken pieces of life and makes our lives even brighter and more blessed! May Viktor’s  story inspire those who hear it and breathe hope into everyone. 

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