Mar 16, 2017
Crisis Evangelism Fund

We’ve received another report of Christmas ministry happening around the CIS. This time, Pastor Pavel in Ukraine wrote to us about a service he hosted in his city, where he told everyone about our one Hope—Jesus.

Winter this year was severely cold, especially during Christmas time, but even severe cold weather and frost didn’t stop us from fulfilling our commission to go out and preach the Gospel of Jesus.

Dear friends, on the 19th of January we had a big evangelical project in our city’s downtown area. Let me share with you just very briefly how God was working through that project.

We went out for soul winning and invited over 200 people to our service, which we had downtown.

I can tell you that our building, which we rented for that service, was really small. It was packed with unbelieving people. But we also invited our town’s mayor, so he came and all of his assistants as well.  We had a great program for almost two hours and a lot of people were crying as they heard the news about Jesus. I was preaching and have told openly that as Ukraine is in a terrible situation, under attack of Russian army, there is only one hope for Ukraine and that is Jesus. Jesus is the solution for our poor and for our almost destroyed country. Many people were crying because of that…

At the end of the service, I asked our mayor to say something, so he came to the stage and said: “It was the first service that I’ve ever been to, in which I had peace in my soul during that very short time.”  Then he said, “please do more of such services, we need it.”

God is still working, and people are getting saved, and that is amazing!

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