Decades of atheism and communism in Slavic nations have destroyed generations of families. Orphaned and at-risk children need our help before it’s too late.
Reach the Next Generation in Russia with the Hope of the Gospel.
700,000 unwanted children & Orphans in Russia
No One Wanted Sonya … Except Jesus
Sonya is one of Russia's unwanted children. Her dad is disinterested in her. Her mom is an alcoholic and doesn't want her around. This beautiful 12-year-old girl — like so many children across the former Soviet Union —lives in an orphanage. She's met someone who loves and wants her. She's found Jesus Christ. And now — despite everything that's happened to her — Sonya has joy in her heart that's clear for all to see. Sonya is the fruit of a ministry among Russia’s unwanted children that began more than two decades ago when God showed SGA how local churches were living out the Bible’s call to care for orphans and forgotten children. Sonya’s life is changed today … and for eternity because of this ministry.
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