Oct 02, 2017

Eric Mock
SGA Vice President of Ministry Operations

I was asked to preach at Word of Grace Church in Krasnoyarsk, where Mikhail Sherrin is the pastor. After the service, one of the Orphans Reborn team members named Kristina came up to me with another young girl. The young woman said, “I am the fruit of your ministry!”

Lena (left) and Kristina share the joy of reaching orphan children with Christ’s love.

A little confused, I asked for more the story. Kristina had joined the Orphans Reborn team in 2003. As part of her ministry, she reached out to orphan children in Orphanage #2. In 2004, a lonely girl named Lena arrived at the orphanage, as her parents were alcoholics. The dream of rejoining her parents faded away, as both of her parents died in the years that followed. But Lena was not alone nor forgotten.

Through the years Kristina ministered to Lena, and Lena came to saving faith in Jesus. Now Lena is 24 years old and she ministers to orphan children along with Kristina. Lena is is full of life! Praise God for the long standing, long loving ministry of many dedicated ministry team members supported through Orphans Reborn! Young boys and girls like Lena, who would otherwise be lost and forgotten in a brutal system, are now children of God. Lena is in the process of passing on the blessing that she received. Pray for her, for the orphan children, and SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn teams as they share Christ’s love.

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