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Editor’s Note: The testimony and image below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Russia.
Passing On The Compassion That Others Greatly Need

It’s truly amazing to see the life change in someone after their eyes are opened to the hope of Christ! Whereas the young woman in the testimony shared by SGA-supported Pastor Vasily was afraid to communicate with anybody a few months ago, she is now sharing her faith with many. And, she also has the great privilege of delivering food to those in need, just as it was delivered to her when she needed it most. Praise God for changed lives in the before and after of saving faith!  

In this photo is our sister in Christ. She and her family came from Ukraine. She heard testimonies about God from her grandmother back home, but when they moved here, God visited her again. Our church was helping the family with food through Compassion Ministry. Today she repented and received water baptism.

One can see how God has transformed her character as she used to be a very shy person, and was afraid to even say hi to her neighbors in the stair hall. Over the past two months, she has gotten acquainted with an elderly woman, an old man, and three children living in the same building as her family. She is eagerly communicating with everyone, shares about God and helps with delivering food bags.

— Vasily

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