Editor’s Note: The image below was provided by an SGA-sponsored church in Belarus.

Since he has been delivering food packages and other aid provided through SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry, Pastor Pavel says his heart has been changed. “Thanks to [God]”, he shares, “I became more sensitive to the feelings and problems of people.” Pastor Pavel understands more deeply now the great need for food, clothing, medicines, and other basic necessities with each home he visits. “I am glad to see their smile when they receive this grocery bag,” he adds. And we are glad to see how the generosity and prayers of friends like you is helping to provide physical aid — and open many doors to the Good News of Jesus Christ!

I Am Glad To See Their Smile

Pastor Pavel shares that many poor people are ashamed of their poverty. But they cannot hide the joy on their faces when someone reaches out in Christian love to help provide for their needs.

Be a Part of God’s
Life-Changing Work