Your gifts and prayers help faithful servants keep their hand to the plow

Sergei O.
SGA-Supported Missionary Pastor

During this past year, God helped us to perform some ministry for which we had been praying. This was during a festival called Nauryz, which is a holiday of the Turkic peoples similar to the New Year. 

We decided to hold a service partially in the Kazakh language, and to invite all our friends. It was the first time we did this. We sang, read the Word of God, and prayed in Kazakh. At the end, the guests were presented with small gifts. They received a box in the form of a yurt (a traditional tent-like structure) with some candies. We also gave gifts to those with whom we have been visiting at their homes and sharing the Good News with them. 

We have been sharing Christ with a former school principal named Mark. My youngest daughter and I visited him again. Previously, he had not really wanted to listen to us about Jesus, but this time he was attentive—he listened to the Gospel! Please pray for him to be saved!

Visiting Opar's family.
Visiting Opar’s family.

Through a sister from our church, we learned about a friend of hers named Opar. We met with her and she told us that her husband was sick, her mother had died, and her husband’s relatives deceived her, kicking her out of the home. They brought all her belongings to her and told her not to come back. Opar’s parents were very dismayed, because they are retired and can’t afford things for themselves. Now they have their daughter and her three children with them. This woman asked for help. We took food and went to her place about 43 miles away from us. We met her parents, talked about the problem, and prayed for them. 

We were able to witness to them about God and present them with the Word of God in the Kazakh language! Opar’s father thanked us. Please pray for them so that they will follow the Lord, and read the Word of God.

Drilling the well.
Drilling the well.

Our church had the opportunity to help one school. They wanted to drill a well to water the green areas. The principal allowed us to work with the teachers and cleaning staff. We handed out calendars, testified, helped with planting flowers and other plants. It is the school where our children studied. Now the principal has been transferred to another school, and she again asked us for help. Again, love was shown by good deeds! We had a conversation with the director, and I was able to witness and distribute Bibles to the workers I had hired to drill the well. I hope that they will read the Word of God and their life will change.

My wife managed to visit an elderly woman named Rosa, who is 90 years old. My wife asked Rosa about what she believed, and she said that she believed that Jesus was on earth and recognized herself as a sinner. Then my wife encouraged her to improve her relationship with God and repent. At that moment, Grandma Rosa had a very serious look. She leaned in as if she wanted to hear the words and didn’t want to miss anything. My wife rejoiced in her heart at this goodwill towards the Gospel message and prayed that Satan would not interfere. She invited Rosa to pray together with her. 

Agreeing to pray, Rosa thanked God and in prayer asked Him for repentance, and for the forgiveness of sins. Praise God! May the mercy of God be upon all of us, and may He bless you!

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