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Jun 24, 2019

Orphans Reborn reaches out to bitter, lonely young man.
SGA-Sponsored Orphans Reborn Team, Mikhail Vladimirov reports from Krasnoyarsk

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In the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, I have been witnessing to a young orphan boy named Oleg for quite some time. Not long ago, he turned 18 and he was saddened when nobody acknowledged his birthday. I was the only one who wrote him and told him how precious he is to me and in the sight of God! Frankly, I can understand why nobody congratulated Oleg because he has always been rude and disrespectful with others, and he is not an easy person for friendship!

Two months ago, Oleg ran away from a rehabilitation center after all of our ministry and after receiving mercy from a judge who had spared him from going to jail. After this incident, I thought that our time of ministering to Oleg was over and that he had deceived us. Yet as I found out later, that wasn’t exactly the case.

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We pray that one day Oleg (right) will come to Christ.

It turned out that Oleg had been hired at a car wash. Each morning he comes to church for prayer and Bible study at 8 a.m. We stay in regular contact with him over social media. While Oleg has not yet come to repentance, I see the internal struggle in him.

We went with him to church the next Sunday for regular and youth services, and that evening in our home, we celebrated his recent birthday. In the car, I told him that I would not leave him, just as God will never leave me. Oleg understands everything, but he gets dragged down into sin, anger, and animosity. When we are together everything goes well, but whenever Oleg is alone, he becomes weak and easily gives up.

He called me afterward, and just like a little child, he thanked me for being the only one who greeted him on his birthday. Through our ministry and your support for Orphans Reborn, I think God is showing Oleg that there is a place where he is welcome. Please pray with us that he will finally come to repentance and faith in Christ.

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