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Editor’s Note: The testimony below was provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine. 

“What does it mean to be reconciled with God?” This was a question asked by Maryna, a woman in search of answers. Thankfully, an SGA-supported pastor was ready and willing to share those answers with her.  

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“Maryna, who evacuated from Kharkiv, once came to a home Bible study group, having been invited by a person, who evacuated from the Sumy region. Maryna not only started attending the group, but also brought her own brother, his wife, and their son. They all started reading the Bible and were very interested in learning its truths. A few weeks ago, Maryna asked, “What does it mean to be reconciled with God?” I have nothing against God, and I have never been at war with God, so why reconciling . . .” The pastor explained to her that living in sin means to be at enmity with God, as sin makes impossible the communion with a holy God. 

Maryna continued coming to the small group. In October, she confessed her sins and repented during a church service. After praying, she was filled with joy, and shared that she experienced something new in her life. On Tuesday, after the church service, she celebrated her new birth in the circle of her new brothers and sisters at the Bible group. 

Maryna’s house back home is in one of the most bombarded areas of [a Ukrainian city], so she might lose it at any time. Her family is keeping in touch with those who stayed in the city to find out about their house. Now the church makes every effort to support Maryna – they bought a computer for her child to continue online studies; provided food aid and continue to attend to her spiritual needs.” 

Even though Maryna’s life is still full of hardship, she now has comfort and peace — not only from God, but also from the brothers and sisters who are faithfully ministering to her physical and spiritual needs.  Praise God for Maryna’s new life in Him!

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