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Editor’s Note: The testimony and image below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Belarus.
Pray That The Battle Of Hearts Be Won

Although Christ has true victory over sin, it can sometimes be a great battle for sinners to overcome.  In the story below, Pastor Alexei speaks of how it hurts to look at what sin has brought into this family’s life.  

Valva is a widowed grandmother who takes care of her disabled mother and is also looking after her own grandchildren. Valva’s daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. They live in deplorable conditions and as stated by the pastor, “this family is a “model” of the destructive effects of sin, every endeavor collapses at the very beginning.” 

However, a new battle has begun! They are now taking time to read the Bible, and Valva has prayed out loud for the first time. Her grandchildren are attending a carpentry club and also Sunday school. Pastor Alexei and his wife Anya are faithfully ministering to this family. Please pray that victory will come through Christ and the battle of hearts will be won!  

Peace be with you brothers and sisters. Thank you for your participation in Compassion Ministry. Thanks to your participation, we are able to visit the family of the widow Valva with food packages. Valva takes care of her disabled mother and looks after her own five grandchildren. They live in a house and use wood to heat it. Valva has diabetes. Valva’s grandchildren are academically weak, but they help a lot with the household and vegetable gardens. Grocery packs are great support for Valva, as they allow her to set aside money for medicine and help her grandchildren.

Recently Valva has started to make repairs in the house; everything is deplorable there. In addition to groceries, we help this family with clothes, firewood, and close current issues (as much as I can). Her three grandchildren attend a carpentry club and Sunday school. Unfortunately, it is not regular now—the influence of the street and the inactivity of the elders. Recently Valva came to us in tears. Her daughter Natasha, who is 22 years old, was diagnosed with cancer. Natasha had been going to Sunday school until she was 14. Anya and I talked and prayed with Valva. The first time Valva prayed out loud with us, before that she refused. We agreed to meet once a week and pray with her for her daughter and grandchildren, also read the Bible with her. This is not easy for her.

This family is a “model” of the destructive effects of sin, every endeavor collapses at the very beginning. It is only now that they are making time for Jesus, but it is hard. It is very difficult to change attitudes and ways of life, it is sad to live without God. My wife Anya wants to start tutoring these children, helping them with their homework, for starters. We pray for this family, and we want Jesus to be a personal Savior for each of them. 

In the photo you may see Valva with her grandchildren. It hurts to look at what sin has brought into their family. But our hope is in Jesus Christ, entering into Valva’s heart He will help her change what is around her. We began praying about it with Valva at her home, and Valva’s grandchildren and daughter hear it. I am glad my wife Anya can be at these visits. Pray for Valva’s conversion, repentance and recovery for Natasha, wisdom in communicating and help for Valva’s grandchildren. 

May the Lord strengthen and protect us. Amen.

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