A report from Eric Mock in Far East Russia

Preparing Future Missionaries to Reach the Unreached

Grace, peace and love to you in Christ Jesus! Recently, Michael T, Benjamin and I held substantial meetings regarding an energizing of evangelistic efforts in Far East Russia. Like the work we’ve started in Yakutsk, we are planning for youth, aviation, and missionaries to conduct monthly Gospel Missions to unreached villages.

These evangelistic missions will touch the hearts of people in many villages still waiting to hear the Gospel. We hope to not only reach the village, but to also prepare future missionaries and create “preaching points” where missionaries can be sent to plant churches.

These are truly exciting times! Along with Alex Pashkovets’ work to encourage and strengthen missionaries, they will be gathering their missionaries, youth leaders and pilots together twice a year for encouragement, practical training and reporting. These gatherings will be held quarterly when AI Training is not conducted.

Ultimately, this same format will start as well in Siberia with the MPs supported by SGA, and then move westward as we seek to better encourage, educate and evaluate SGA-supported missionaries.

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