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Feb 20, 2024
Central Asia
Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by Diana in Central Asia.

Not only is Diana telling the story of Nastya and Valera, but it is also her story. Diana and her husband Sasha, who is an SGA-supported pastor, are a chapter in the pages of Nastya and Valera’s journey, as this couple is incredibly faithful to meet the needs of the orphans in their city and beyond. They don’t only see a need, but they sacrifice themselves in order to meet the need

Nastya and Valera’s family is still together because they were found on the streets, warmed, fed and nourished back to health. But not only that! They shared that God was the only help that they needed for a new way of living. Now Nastya and Valera say, “If it weren’t for God, we would not have been able to save the children and would have died ourselves.” Pray for this couple as they continue to build their faith and their home on a firm foundation! “Now they are believers and pass on their faith to their children.”

Diana writes…

The story of Valera and Nastya is one of family, and how God showed a helping hand so as to not leave their children as orphans in an orphanage. But to instead leave the children in the family.

We met Valera and Nastya when Nastya was sitting on the street on a frosty day with a child in her arms and begging. During this time, her husband was left at home with two other children because of his legs and he could not walk. Valera worked as a builder high in the mountains for several months. The owner deceived him and did not pay him money. The owner left and left Valera alone high in the mountains. Valera had to travel down to the city for several days. He was wearing summer shoes because he was leaving for work while it was still warm. When he finally returned home, his legs were already black, and he could not walk. At this time, Nastya and their three children rented a small house. But since Valera did not receive the money, there was nothing to pay for rent and the owner of the apartment kicked them out of the house. When Valera returned from the mountains, they looked for housing that they could rent, but did not find it. They eventually moved into a small, abandoned house with no floor, just dirt and concrete walls. Valera could no longer walk because his legs were frostbitten. Nastya was forced to go begging.

This is how we met Nastya and learned about their problem. Due to all the problems with finances, housing and health, social protection wanted to take the children away from Nastya and Valera and place them in an orphanage. Social protection gave them a few days to resolve the issue and find good housing, provide the children with good food, necessary clothing, and everything that children need. We understood that in the current situation they would not be able to do this. We knew that the state would take their children away from them and send them to an orphanage. We made a decision and took Valera, Nastya, and the children to our place. They lived with us all winter. We treated Valera’s legs. Every day he got better, and his legs began to walk again. We talked to them about God. We shared with them that only God could save their family. They were very open. Valera and Nastya began to attend our church. Their children began to come to our Sunday school. Valera found a job. We gave them registration and were able to take the children to kindergarten. Nastya also started working. We found them a nice house to rent next to the church. and paid the first month’s rent. Now they live independently as a family.

Nastya and Valera say:

If it weren’t for God, we would not have been able to save the children and would have died ourselves.

We are glad that they were able to see God’s help and glorify Him. Now they are believers and pass on their faith to their children. They attend meetings. 

We are glad that this year three more orphans did not come to the orphanage, but on the contrary, three more children remained in the family! This small statistic encourages us not to ignore this need.

God bless!

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