1909 Sga Ministry Email 2 Article MainSGA team member Vasily Z. shares a year-to-date ministry report  

The past year has been a time of blessing for our ministries in Ukraine. As usual, we conducted groups, visited orphanages, had guests, and much more. In addition to conducting our regular monthly groups, we are having more meetings for teens and the youth of our church. This really helps integrate younger people into the life of our church. 

Together with regional pastor Yaroslav M., we greeted SGA president Michael Johnson and his team. Together, we visited the orphanage in Vovchkiv where we gave gifts to the children. Then we visited the church in Mlachivka and then drove around the Chernobyl zone. While at the orphanage in Vovchkiv, Michael told the biblical story about David and Goliath to the children in a dramatic manner. Recently I visited Vovchkiv again to conduct our Christian camp. A girl suddenly approached me and asked, “Where is that American guy who told us about David?” We were pleased to hear that thanks to that imaginative narration, the child remembered the story. The children are looking forward to seeing Michael again! 

One other joy related to our visits to the Vovchkiv orphanage is that we had as part of our team some young people who were once residents at this orphanage, as well as some from the orphanage in Kopylov. They enjoyed fellowship with the children that live there now and shared their stories.  

We were also visited by Bill Ball, SGA Director in Canada, and his team. Their arrival coincided with an event recognizing the graduation day of folks from our group and the Christian youth of our church. Bill and his team really helped us with good words of encouragement for our graduates. They participated in the distribution of food packages while they were with us. 

We have also had repentances  Kolya got saved as did Timofei and Dima. Dima and Kolya are close friends. We are very encouraged that they hunger and thirst for God. Please, continue to pray for those who have received Christ, that they will continue to follow the Lord and be baptized. And also pray for those who have not yet repented, asking the Lord to touch their hearts in order for them to repent.

Finally, we have some prayer requests. We are praying that God will provide us with a Christian dormitory. I also ask you to pray for future newcomers to the orphanages in the beginning of the new academic year. We are greatly thankful for all your prayers and your material support. We also pray for you and your families. May the Lord bless you abundantly!  

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