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Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member in Central Asia.

God allows us to go through different experiences to prepare us for ways to minister to others in the days ahead. In the story below, Alexander shares that his mother was an orphan and that his dad lovingly married and took care of her. 

Alexander has now been able to use the example of his parents’ love for one another to show that same love to the orphan children to whom he ministers. He knows their hearts personally because he watched his own orphan mother over the years. He can tell personal stories of how his mother overcame the hardships of losing her parents to accepting the love of her husband. And later in life, accepting the love of Christ as Alexander was able to share the Gospel with them. 

Now Alexander has great love in his heart for the orphans of this world and is doing all he can to share the love of Christ with them too. Please pray for the SGA supported Orphans Reborn ministry as faithful volunteers visit the local orphanages weekly and develop loving relationships with the children.

“Greetings, dear brothers, and sisters!

The motto of our ministry remains the same: “Much prayer is much power, little prayer is little power”. I thank the Lord who gives us strength, faith, and compassion.

My deceased mother Anna was an orphan from childhood. It was the post-war time. She was left early without a father and a mother. To somehow survive, she herded cattle, washed clothes, and cleaned the houses of those who showed compassion. My father grew up in a Christian family and was not afraid to marry an orphan. My dad loved my mom to the end of his life and my mom loved my dad. In my life I don’t remember my mother ever humiliating my father in the house or among the neighbors. There was never a division between men’s and women’s work. Everything was done together and in friendship. We lived poorly but happily. For a while, when I was a baby, I didn’t have a crib, so I slept on the stove. It was always warm there. The first people I brought to God were my parents. And now doing ministry among full orphans and not full ones, the Lord fills my heart with love and care for them. We pray together, sing together, cry together, drink tea together, and talk together.

The family was left without a father. There are six children in the family. The children needed the most basic things, clothes, shoes, food. Thanks to you, I provided this help. I bought clothes, shoes, food. Children hug me and kiss with joy and I start crying. It is impossible to look at it without tears. God sees these tears and gives strength.

The children of the boarding school are special children, and they also need help and compassion. I would like to thank the Lord and all those who help in helping orphans. May God bless you!

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