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Editor’s Note: The following report and images are provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

When we think of the largest groups of people unreached by the Gospel, those in Africa and Asia may come to mind. But as SGA-supported Pastor Dima was reminded recently, there are also entire villages in Ukraine where only one person has believed in Jesus Christ.

Dima traveled with the team from his church to the front lines of the war to deliver emergency aid—provided through the generosity of friends like you—and to share the hope we have in Jesus. Please pray that the message of salvation will cause hurting Ukrainians to believe and give their lives to Christ. Dima writes:

Today we are serving people and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this village. It is a small village in eastern Ukraine, and it was recently shelled by rockets. Thank God all the people are alive. God kept them alive. We brought aid purchased through aid from SGA—food and medicine.  

As always, we [shared] the Gospel and support. We prayed with the people. There is no church in this village, and only one woman is a believer. I really hope that the seed of grace that we sowed today will sprout! People are very grateful for the help!

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary and SGA-supported Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, and hygiene supplies.

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