SGA-sponsored children’s ministry in the children’s homes

A report from an SGA children’s ministry leader in Far East Russia

My name is Galina, and I am one of the local Orphans Reborn leaders ministering in the orphanages and children’s homes. I am thankful to the Lord that He opened these doors and that we are able to bring the Word of God to the children.

Over the past year, practically all of the orphanage caregivers have come to our lessons and they have all heard the Gospel. At first, the kids just looked at us and when the lessons ended, they just ran away immediately.  Now when we come, they greet us joyfully, throw their arms around us, and they are in no hurry to leave when it’s all over. So we simply stay and talk. They now look upon us as friends.

Most importantly, God’s Word is being reflected in their hearts and in their behavior. Even the caregivers have noticed a change in the children who attend the Bible lessons. Several of the boys have started attending church meetings every Sunday along with the youth fellowship meetings. This is a huge joy for us!

This year, several of the children have graduated and have left to go and further their studies. Others have been adopted into families. However, we believe that the Word of God is not in vain. Because of this, we will continue to sow the seeds while God gives us the opportunity.

Thank you for your support of Slavic Gospel Association. Your gifts help make this ministry to orphan children possible!

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