Tatiana a young mother with three children

An Orphans Reborn Report from Krasnoyarsk, Russia
By Elena Liskina

“Learn to do good; seek justice, reprove the ruthless, defend the orphan, plead for the widow” (Isaiah 1:17).

In addition to our ongoing work with children at local orphanages in Krasnoyarsk, we also hold Bible fellowships with women facing difficult family situations. Along with their children, they are in need of help — and through your support we are able to minister to their needs.

Tatiana (shown here) is a young mother with three children. Her son Yaroslav is in first grade and has ADHD. He finds it hard to be attentive, and he often breaks the rules in his class.

I learned that instead of helping Yaroslav with his studies and motivating him, the teacher took all of his textbooks away and passed them on to a new boy who came to their class. The teacher told Tatiana that her son did not want to learn anyway and suggested she take her son to another school. Later, this family was visited twice by a school inspector, in order to survey their home situation. Again — instead of helping — they told Tatiana they would report her situation to social services so her children would be taken away from the family.

Tatiana works hard and loves her children. She cares for them as much as she can, and she does not have any bad habits. Often in need, Tatiana does not give up. She prays and asks for help from God, but she lacks the strength to defend herself. I prayed with Tatiana, and then, since I am a certified social worker, I went with her to see the director of the school. We explained her situation and what had happened in the classroom — and that Tatiana is trying her best to be a good mother. All she needs is a little help. The director seemed to understand the problem and admitted that the teacher had been wrong in her actions. Yaroslav received his textbooks back and the director made good suggestions to Tatiana. As a result, the inspectors stopped coming to Tatiana’s house and bothering her.

It is important for Tatiana that someone stands by her, defends her and her children, and helps guide her in her life. Through SGA’s Orphans Reborn ministry, Tatiana is learning she also has value, that God cares for her and loves her. She is always there for our women’s Bible study group on Saturdays — and I am very glad that Tatiana and her children are now helped by other Christians as well!

I thank the Lord that He is the defender of weak and neglected! And, of course, the children in these families love summer and are anxious for the opportunity to go to Christian camps.

Thank you, dear friends, for your help and prayerful support. Please continue to pray that all of these women and children will come to faith in Christ. May the Lord bless you in everything, and may He meet all your needs!

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