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May 16, 2023
Ukraine Relief
Editor’s Note: The video, images, and report below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

When a church is better equipped to endure hardship in Ukraine, it stands out as a place of refuge and hope to the surrounding community.

Below is another message of thankfulness for a generator provided thanks to the generosity and prayer support of friends like you. As SGA-supported Pastor Ruslan notes, the gift of a generator means that they can preach the Word at all times—even under hardship and assault—as they have the resources to press on. 

These generators are high quality and reliable. It is our prayer that these generators will last for years to come, and through these tangible efforts many more will hear the Gospel and be saved!

Dear brothers and sisters and dear SGA mission workers, and those who join this ministry through your great sacrifice and open hearts,

Sincere gratitude to all of you for helping our church! Especially in this difficult time that our country is going through. We are sincerely grateful to you for the generator. This is an especially important issue now. The generator would not only have to power the building when the electricity is cut off, but also provide for constant heating because the boilers use electricity. It is a blessing for us now, because we can preach the Word of God to unbelievers at any time.

We also have a small building in the village that is owned by our church, and we can always hold camps from our church there. We also allow other churches to hold their camps on this property and thus witness to as many people as possible about Christ. Last year, we had the opportunity to host refugees from Kyiv, Irpen, Bucha, and Gostomel.

So, once again, we are very grateful to SGA and other sponsors for the gift, which has become a good support in our ministry. I would like to add that I was pleasantly surprised, because we received not just a generator, but a very high quality and economical generator.

May the Lord richly reward you all for your generosity.

Sincerely yours,


In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary, and SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.  

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, medicine, warm clothing, and shoes.

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