Jun 23, 2017
Central Asia

By Eric Mock
VP of Ministry Operations

I am writing you this trip update from Central Asia. The Lord has blessed our time here. The ministry continues to be profound in the midst of economic hardship and religious persecution. There are less than 2,000 evangelical believers among 8.5 million predominately Muslim people. But by God’s grace, the church is growing! Over the next few posts, I will share some of the great stories with you.

Lydia is deeply thankful for her new life in Christ, and to find a Bible-preaching church to encourage her in her walk.

A woman who I will call Lydia came to faith as a result of SGA supported Compassion Ministry. Lydia lived in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk with her three daughters. Her life was difficult at best, for her husband was physically abusive. She was in constant pain, and one day her husband threatened to kill her. Fearing for her life, she gathered up her children and fled as far away as she could go—to a country here in Central Asia.

Lydia knew no one, and suffered great economic hardship. She found a job as a waitress, but the local population looked on her as an outcast. But there was some who did not pass her by. Pastor A and his wife reached out to Lydia with much needed food and the Gospel. She had grown up in the Russian Orthodox tradition, and had read the Bible with little regard. This time, she was given a Bible and began to read it with care and interest. She started with Genesis, and then she was pointed to the New Testament. Lydia’s her was radically changed as she placed her faith in Christ. She said that sin was a part of her life on every side. Now by God’s grace, she says she is getting better. The church she attends now has become an outstanding ministry to the many social orphans in the community. Pray for Lydia, Pastor A, and the ministry of this vibrant church reaching out for Christ in difficult conditions.

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