Editor’s Note: The images and report below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

In his recent report below, Pastor Oleg shares snapshots of people who are receiving emergency aid and hearing the Gospel thanks to the generosity and prayer support of friends like you. Read and see the impact you are helping to make in war-torn Ukraine . . .

Dear brothers and sisters,

The warmest greetings to you with love of the Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks for your care and support! We used the funds for the purchase of the groceries and for the hygiene items, which were distributed to IDPs [internally displaced persons].  

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Olesya has a child diagnosed with autism. The child needs constant treatment and specific care. The child’s father couldn’t carry such a heavy burden and practically left the family. Olesya left [her hometown] with her child. They lived in a dormitory in [another Ukrainian city]. As they were not able to take much luggage, they are in need of lots of different things. She is very grateful for the financial assistance, because apart from small payments from the state, there is nothing else. All funds are spent on the child’s treatment.
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Oleksandr is one of those who received aid. From the first day of the war, he went to the front as a volunteer leaving. His wife and two daughters at home. He was trained in [a Ukrainian city]. Recently, while in the eastern combat zone, Oleksandr and his comrades came under heavy fire, which lasted for seven hours. Many of his friends were killed, but not Alexander. Although he was badly wounded in his leg, he managed to survive. It’s a real miracle. A lot of money is needed for treatment, but the aid from the state comes slowly, so Oleksandr is very grateful for the support and for the care.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 3
Tanya’s husband is a retired military man. Her 82-year-old mother is, disabled her daughter and a grandson came with them, too. They arrived in [a different Ukrainian city] on May 1. Before that, they had been hesitating whether to leave their hometown. They lived in the southern part of the city, so during the entire period of the military conflict, it was quiet for only 11 days, and so explosions were constantly heard. For a long time, the daughter persuaded her mother Tanya to go to her friends in [a different city] but they agreed only when explosions were heard in the city itself. When they came to [that city] they got registered and received the status of IDPs. They registered with the National Center for Financial Assistance, but the funds have not arrived yet. They went to the city council and, asked for help with food, but received only a pack of diapers for adults, because the mother is bedridden and needs someone’s care. They thank the church for the support. Food and hygienic items are always needed. They hope that help from the state will come soon.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 4
Vyacheslav came to [another city] from [an eastern Ukrainian] region. He was an orphan from the age of 15, his parents were alcoholics. At the moment, the fate of the 23-year-old orphan made itself felt. In connection with the war, he lost his job. He couldn’t stay in his native area because of the repeated air raids and bombings. Vyacheslav is very grateful for the grocery set and hygiene items, as all those things are very valuable and necessary for him.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 5
Maya has grandchildren. The girls and their mother were forced to move to [a different village] from [a northeastern Ukrainian region]. The girls’ father is in the war. For three weeks, these poor frightened people had to hide in their basement, waiting for the end of the war. But, unfortunately, this did not happen, and as soon as there was an opportunity to evacuate, they went to their grandmother in the west. As this family lives next to the House of Prayer, the children have the opportunity to spend time with Christians, and spend their free time on the playground on the territory of the House of Prayer. We were surprised with their reaction to food sets and hygiene products — they took out products, soap or paste and asked: is this all for us? The family sincerely thanks for the great support and asks us to pray for the girls’ father!
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 6
Alla and her family were forced to move to [another Ukrainian city]. They moved from [their hometown] to join Alla’s father at the beginning of the war. Both she and her husband lost their jobs. When we brought products and hygiene items, the woman immediately noticed: “Everything is put together very wisely, there is everything you need, everything is thought out down to the smallest detail!” With tears in her eyes, she thanked God for the care of them during the war and that He is always there and sends everything in a timely manner!
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 7
Ruslana and her family live in [a Ukrainian village]. The family consists of a mother and two girls. Ruslana became a widow, as her husband was killed in the war. He fought since the separatist conflict began in 2014, and died near [a prominent Ukrainian city] in the first days of the current war. He was a tank operator. During the battle, he wanted to save the equipment and was killed by a direct hit into the tank. He was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine. Unfortunately, until now, the family cannot bury the husband and the father, as a number of examinations to confirm identity have not been made yet. We decided to help this family, as Ruslana works with some church people, and her eldest daughter used to come to our services. We wanted to support the family in a difficult time and to thank her for her husband’s courage. The woman’s simple phrase “thank you for not forgetting about us” touched our hearts. We believe that God will take care of them and give them repentance in due time.
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Nadya is a grandmother who takes care of six grandchildren. The children’s mother led an immoral lifestyle and committed suicide. The father of a few of the children lives with them, but he is not going to stay in this house for a long time. They live on grandmother’s pension, as there is a problem with the documents to issue assistance from the state. The children have always attended our camps and Sunday school. The family is thankful for any help and thanks God and the church. 
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 9
Nazar lives with his mother and grandmother. Mother does not work anywhere, as Nazar needs constant care because of his health problems. Lots of money is spent on his treatment. The boy’s grandmother lost her job at the beginning of the war. The family is currently in a lot of trouble with finances and your help is very appropriate and necessary. They are grateful to you for the support and care.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 10
Andrei and Lyudmila are refugees. Until the last moment, the couple hoped that they would not have to leave their hometown, their home. But in a hurry under gunfire they fled to a safe place. They took with them only a backpack with documents and two kittens, which they could not leave. They said: “They are also alive; they are afraid and they want to live as we do.” Unfortunately, the couple has not received any payments from the state yet. They come to our church, see that a certain activity takes place in the church every day and offer their help. They also attend Sunday services and ask a lot of questions. They are in despair and fear for the future. Dear friends, thank you for your help for this family, they really need it.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 11
Mrs. Lyudmila is a refugee. Fleeing from the war, she took only documents. Her husband is bedridden and her daughter had recent surgery (an intervertebral hernia was removed). They currently live in our village. She attends services every Sunday and constantly takes Christian literature from the church library and reads it to herself and to her husband. She reads two to three books a week. She prays a lot, cries and rejoices, and we do the same with her. Every time she passes by our church and the church is open, Lyudmila definitely comes in to talk or just say hello. Your support is very important to the family. They are sincerely grateful for your help.
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Roza became a widow 15 years ago. She has two sons: Maxim and Peter. Eight years ago, Maxim defended the freedom of our country in the east. In March of this year, both sons were taken to the ranks of the Armed Forces to protect our country from the enemy. The entire burden of household work fell on the mother’s shoulders. Most importantly, Rosa worries about her sons, because our soldiers die in the war every day. The church decided to support Rosa by praying God to protect her sons. Rosa received a New Testament and a grocery set as a gift. May God protect her sons: Peter and Maxim, and our country!
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 13
Ivan and his wife Maria have three children Sofia, Hanna and Adam. They came to the neighboring village to join their relatives. They thought it was for a short time. One day Ivan came to the church because they needed clothes and food. God is merciful! The church has already helped this family several times. Ivan is a construction worker. Ivan is very industrious and he tries to find a job, but it’s too hard in rural areas, especially now. The family registered with local self-government bodies as IDPs. This time the family received food, household detergents, baby diapers, clothes and shoes.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1.14
Yulia and her 8-month-old son Vsevolod lived in [a Ukrainian city]. In the first days of the war the enemy captured the city. Some people left the city for the territory controlled by Ukraine. Yulia’s relatives wanted her to leave and find a safe place. When the situation in the city got very difficult, there were protests and it was a problem to get food, Yulia made the decision to join their relatives in [a different city]. She was registered as an IDP in our area. She received food, baby diapers and the Word of God from the Church. We encouraged her to read the Word of God and attend church services. We believe that she would find comfort in the Lord. 
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 15
Olena, her husband Yury and her elderly mother Halyna, born in 1933, are IDPs from [northeastern Ukraine]. They arrived on June 12. They haven’t registered yet. The trip was difficult, because they do not have their own transport, and the mother, Halyna, needs outside help. The church provided humanitarian aid: a mattress for Halyna and food for the family, as well as a gift of the Word of God so that people would have hope in the merciful God.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 16
Iryna and her husband Volodymyr lived in the outskirts of [a Ukrainian city].When the enemy approached the region, Volodymyr sent Irina to her relatives along with her mother Nina, daughter Svitlana, son-in-law Dmytro and grandchildren Kira and Gleb.They thought that everything would finish in a few weeks. Almost three months have passed. The family has been registered as IDPs.The church helped them with food and gave the Word of God so that people would seek God’s truth.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 17
Svetlana and her daughters Alina, Anastasia, and Iryna are from [a Ukrainian city]. From the first days of the war, the family moved to the relatives in [a different] region. The family has been registered as IDPs. The children have already missed their home, but it’s impossible to return to [their hometown] now. The family received food and household detergents and the Word of God to seek joy in God.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 18
Lilya is a mother of three children. She has a husband and all of them live in [a Ukrainian village]. As they have little children, the mother is at home with the children, and the children’s father works to provide for the family. Unfortunately, his salary is too small. A food package and a package with soap and other hygiene items are exactly what is needed for such a family — this is a great support. The young mother was happy with the diapers, because it is a good help for her. We invited this family to church services, but the mother is still very busy with the children at home. Pray for the mother Lilya to be able to reflect on her life and for her to have a desire to serve God.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 19
Kolya came to us on Sunday morning to a service. When he came to the village, he was received by kind, unfamiliar people from the village, who did not attend our services, but he was advised to contact us. He came with his disabled uncle. We served them with a food package and a package with soap and hygiene items. They also asked us to help them buy a wheelchair, a toilet and shoes.
Kolya has started attending church every Sunday. He listens to the Word of God and comes to the Bible study group. Pray for Kolya and his uncle to believe in God, and serve Him.
220712 Sga Ukraine War Emergency Stories 7 8 1 20
Roman and his wife Inna live in [another Ukrainian village]. The wife does not work, and Roman has a job with a low salary. In such a difficult war time, these packages will serve as a huge support for the family. Roman reads the Bible, prays to God, and enjoys talking about God. He has already attended our services. He comes from a religious family, and he makes a cross after a prayer. But he seeks God. Pray for this man to know God. Pray God to reveal Himself to Roman.

We are grateful to you for your work, through which we can serve people! May the Lord give strength and courage to serve for the expansion of His Kingdom! May God bless you in His mighty ways!

In His service,

Oleg and the team


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