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Jul 30, 2019
Compassion Ministry
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In addition to food assistance, Compassion Ministry distributes Christian literature to those in need.

Your gifts helped provide food and aid for war-torn households in Ukraine

It’s been five long years since the military conflict began in eastern Ukraine. The war has inflicted a terrible toll, with more than 13,000 killed and 30,000 wounded thus far*. But you are making it possible for courageous teams from Ukrainian and Russian evangelical churches to go into the dangerous war zone with food aid and the eternal hope of the Gospel.

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Your support makes it possible for us to reach hurting people in Christ’s name.

According to SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Dmitri Matyukhin, 162 households received help during one such distribution
earlier this year . . .

We were able to provide food assistance to several villages very close to what is called the Line of Contact . . . According to the local authorities, more than 140 homes are beyond repair, while 600 are repairable. Those who could evacuate to other cities have done so. Most of the non-displace population are mostly older people over 60, as well as people with disabilities or no family elsewhere . . . We are thankful for your continued financial support of Compassion Ministry in Ukraine!

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Baptist Union pastors in southern Russia also have been visiting the conflict zone on a monthly basis to render humanitarian aid and the Gospel to needy families through SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry. Please join us in praying for God’s increased provision for this vital ministry.

* These statistics are from the United Nations as reported by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
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