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Editor’s Note: The image and testimony below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

An SGA-supported church in an embattled region of Ukraine—where missile and drone attacks are unrelenting—continues to press on and care for the physical and spiritual needs of hurting Ukrainians through SGA’s Compassion Ministry. One grieving widow could not be more grateful . . .

“I became a widow in one moment. But the church did not forget about us. The church still supports us. Even when I was sick and in the hospital, people from the church visited me and helped me financially with my surgery. The care I received from people who love God exceeded all my expectations. And I know that this is how God works in people’s hearts. He blesses those who sincerely love and trust Him and who live by His laws. Now I wake up every morning and first of all I thank God for the new day, for saving my life during the night. That He cares about me through His children. In my prayer, I always thank God for the people by name who show me such love and care.

“I am especially grateful to the Lord for the sponsors who provide us with such wonderful food packages with great love. God sees their sincere, open, sacrificial hearts. Therefore, may God continue to bless them all, give them the opportunity and desire to continue to support us, all the needy and victims of this cruel, bloody war. We ask God for peace for our country!”

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