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Editor’s Note: The report, images and testimonies below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

Below is SGA-supported Pastor Viktor’s report from an embattled region in Ukraine. In recent weeks, this area has come under increasing missile and drone attacks, and the people are suffering greatly. Yet in the midst of this, Viktor’s church and the others we serve press on . . . and many are hearing the Gospel who would not have heard before

Please pause and read through the gratefulness of the widows who are being cared for through this church’s outreach—made possible thanks the generosity of friends like you. “I became a widow in one moment,” one woman says. “But the church did not forget about us. The church still supports us.”May God be glorified for His wisdom and grace in Christ Jesus as His people deliver help and hope!

We warmly greet you, dear friends!

We sincerely thank God, who has granted good hearts to the brothers and sisters of SGA, as well as to the good people, sponsors who generously donate to Ukrainian needy people and families. Our local church has been taking care of IDPs [internally displaced persons] since 2014, and currently we have 73 IDPs registered under our care. 

We also provide aid to the disabled, large families, and the needy. During the war, many people came to our services. We thank you sincerely, and may the Lord bless you all for your invaluable work in the presence of our Holy God!

Responsible for the ministry with the IDPs,

The Church Did Not Forget About Us 2

“I am sincerely grateful to my Lord for all those who generously give. Thanks from our sisters in the church that you, our friends in Jesus, help and support us as widows in such difficult times. We are constantly thanking God for you. We ask that He would keep you and your families in His care and bless you. Also, our disabled people, whom we visit and bring food aid on your behalf, thank you very much for your sincerity and kindness. Tears of gratitude are always in their eyes.”

The Church Did Not Forget About Us 3

“Our Good God is the God of orphans and widows. I am a widow, and I am very grateful to the Lord that on my earthly journey, He blesses me with such kind, sincere friends who live so far away, but remember us and pray for us and our country, our people. Thank you for your visible food aid that we received from you through our local church. It is a great support for me. I thank the Lord from the bottom of my heart! Thank you very much to SGA! Thank you to all the supporters! God bless you!”

The Church Did Not Forget About Us 4

“I am sincerely grateful to my Lord for pouring out His blessings upon me so generously! He cares so much for me! Through kind and generous people, God shows His care about us widows, He never leaves us and especially in this difficult time for our entire country. To all sponsors, the American mission and caring people who donate, buy all these products, pack them, bring them to us—a great thank you and prayer to the Lord for you! May the Lord repay you all a hundredfold for your kind hearts!

The Church Did Not Forget About Us 5

“My husband died four years ago. I became a widow in one moment. But the church did not forget about us. The church still supports us. Even when I was sick and in the hospital, people from the church visited me and helped me financially with my surgery. The care I received from people who love God exceeded all my expectations. And I know that this is how God works in people’s hearts. He blesses those who sincerely love and trust Him and who live by His laws. Now I wake up every morning and first of all I thank God for the new day, for saving my life during the night. That He cares about me through His children. In my prayer, I always thank God for the people by name who show me such love and care.

I am especially grateful to the Lord for the sponsors who provide us with such wonderful food packages with great love. God sees their sincere, open, sacrificial hearts. Therefore, may God continue to bless them all, give them the opportunity and desire to continue to support us, all the needy and victims of this cruel, bloody war. We ask God for peace for our country!”


“Praise the Lord for all the people who donate their money for these food packages. Our brothers and sisters are now packing these food packages, which were donated for us by generous people, blessed by God. This is the number of packages that have already been prepared. We plan to distribute them to all the people in need during the Sunday service.

May the Lord bless your hands, your minds that work to earn the money you donate for us to buy food for our needy people. Thank you very much, our brothers and sisters! Glory to the Lord!” 

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary, and SGA-supported Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.  

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, medicine, warm clothing, and shoes.

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