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Editor’s Note: The report below was provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Belarus.
221024 Sga 2022 Sga.org Stories October 2 Social 2

Through a physical need fulfilled and the heart of a believing sister, Nina’s questions about the Bible were finally answered.  And her fear of stepping inside a church was taken away as she studied the Bible with this faithful believer. 

It’s not food for the stomach that is most important, but the food for our souls. Let’s pray for Nina’s daughter to hunger for that same nourishment.  Read more from SGA-supported Pastor Alexey’s report and see how emergency aid provided through SGA’s Compassion Ministry helped one woman turn to the Lord . . .

Sister Nina made a covenant with the Lord through water baptism. Nina is 79 years old and has two children, a daughter and a son. The son died four years ago. She read the Bible on her own for 30 years, went to the Catholic Church, but did not understand much and did not get answers from the priest. 

Through the ministry of compassion, she met a believing sister, Valentina, with whom they began to study the Bible together. But there was a great fear of coming to the House of Prayer. A year ago, she decided to come to church and repented a month later. There was a great desire to make a covenant with the Lord. The daughter strongly objected and stopped communicating with her. She renounced her mother because she believed in Jesus. The daughter said that she went to the sectarians.

Sister Nina did not lose heart, and we prayed for Nina and her daughter Natalya. The Lord softened her daughter’s heart, and she started calling her mother. Now Sister Nina is a joyful child of God. She says that she is very glad that God gave her such a family. She zealously visits the House of God. We are very glad to see the fruits of service through compassion, in which members of the church participate. We thank you, brothers and sisters, for your prayers and participation in serving our people for the glory of the Lord.

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