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Jun 13, 2024
Editor’s Note: The following testimony and image were provided by an SGA Storyteller in Moldova.

SGA Storyteller Tatiana sent the story below about a loving grandmother who has opened her home to her children and grandchildren, as circumstances had become difficult for them. It was during this time that Maria’s church began meeting the needs for her family through SGA-supported Compassion Ministry.

What began as a way of feeding a family, soon turned out to be the light and example of the goodness of God. Maria’s family saw more than the food that was given. They saw the love of Christ—so much that when they received food on the day before her granddaughter’s birthday, Maria told the little girl, “Look what a gift Jesus sent you!”

The Goodness Of God

It wasn’t just about the food, but the recognition of who provided it. Now, Maria’s family looks forward to going to church every Sunday and they are all learning more about their Savior. Please pray that this family will continue to grow strong in the Lord.

Maria is a kind woman. She is 65 years old. She is the light and joy of her home. She is a widow and a pensioner. She belongs to Jesus the Savior Church. She is a beautiful example of a woman who cares for her children and grandchildren with kindness. Even though the conditions in which they live are bad, she has not driven her children away in need.

Maria has two children, Vitaly and Angela. Vitaly was left by his wife. He takes care of his daughter. He lives with Maria. Vitaly works for a public company, but the salary is enough for only their basic needs. Angela is separated from her husband and has two daughters. They all live in Maria’s house.

Vitaly and Angela started going to church because of their needs. The food aid from the church made these people understand the goodness of God. They came to the church at first just to be helped but it was there that they heard the Gospel, repented and are now members in the church.

Today, they are a great help in God’s work. They get involved in the church with different services: cleaning, prayer, and others. The children attend Sunday school regularly. They love church and learning about Jesus. They want to be Sunday school teachers when they grow up, helping other children to know Jesus.

This family shared: “Thank you for your help. It is a great blessing and joy for us. May the Lord bless you a hundredfold.”

This help was brought to the family the day before their youngest granddaughter’s birthday. When Grandma Maria saw it, she said to her granddaughter, “Look what a gift Jesus sent you!”Truly the Lord showers His goodness on His beloved children.

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