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Editor’s Note: The report and images below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Belarus.

Understanding and hope comes from knowing and believing truth. In the story below, you will read of Katya and her repentance only days before her father died. God graciously gave her peace during this time after realizing and repenting of her sins. Although she may still not understand the timing or reasons, she is thanking the Lord for His work in her life as she states, “I am grateful to God for mercy, forgiveness, strength in Him.”

As Summer Bible Camps are already being organized by SGA-supported churches for this next summer, let’s pray that many young lives will come to know their Savior. Let’s also pray for the many faithful men and women who continue to minister to these kids, even though they may be in the midst of difficult circumstances themselves.    

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Dear brothers and sisters, greetings to you!

The month of June is over, and I want to carefully look back and remember the many blessings from Jesus Christ. The practice of spiritual life shows that where there is a spiritual struggle for the hearts and souls of people, there the enemy sows his seed.

My family’s plans were to serve together in two camps at a children’s health center. But on June 2, my wife Lyudmila and I visited an oncologist. As a result, she needed an urgent operation. It’s all over now. My wife is recovering from surgery and is undergoing rehabilitation. Chemotherapy is coming soon. My son Kostya and I served 20 days in the camp on our own.

Twenty days of June were eventful and joyful, full of spiritual victories. Two teen camps gathered a total of 140 teenagers aged 12 to 16. The guys came to relax, play, rejoice, look for new friends, and most importantly, grow spiritually. My task was to work with the team and conduct Bible studies. Topics: Two Questions, Heaven, Man, God, Christ, Faith, Conversion.

The guys came from different cities of our country. And each of them is unique, talented, with a special background. Communicating in personal conversations, I carefully listened to their personal stories. Many of them go through bullying in schools, divorces of parents, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, and depression. Thank God that we had a great opportunity to change their thinking, stand in prayer with them, ask God for protection, blessings on their lives, share the Gospel and saving news with them. Fifty-five teenagers responded to the call to repent and give their hearts to the Lord! This is a real miracle!

I will tell you just one heartbreaking story about the repentance of one girl Katya. While preaching on the prodigal son as an illustration, I held a shovel in my hand. I shared that the youngest son “buried” his living father, demanding his inheritance from him. I addressed the audience with a request that the guys be attentive to their parents during their lifetime, be obedient and polite, love their moms and dads. Telling the story of my adopted daughter Ekaterina, I said that after two years of a wonderful life together, she left our family and home, slamming the door, not thanking us for everything kind and good. Turning to the teenagers, I asked if there was an “Ekaterina” among them? In the second row, a hand was timidly raised. I went up to Katya and asked: “Katya, would you do this to me if you lived in my family?” Katya replied: “Never.”

Friends, Katya repented on the same day. And the next day, sad news came from her home: dad’s heart stopped, and he was in a coma. Dad died four days later. Precious Katya asked me: “What happened? Why is that? Where is God? Comforting this child, I answered: “Katya, if you had not repented on Wednesday, perhaps you would not have accepted the death of your father from God.” Katya and I communicate, we pray together. She prays for my wife; she writes to me on Instagram, “I am grateful to God for mercy, forgiveness, and strength in Him.”

Blessed ones, pray for us. Thanks for everything!

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