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Oct 19, 2022
Special Updates
Editor’s Note: The testimony below was provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Belarus

Sometimes we think we have days, months, and even years to share the Good News with the people around us.  But what if today is the last opportunity?  Are we bold enough to leave our comfort zone and speak of God’s saving faith? 

Let’s pray that God will take away any timidity from us, so that we can courageously be a vessel He may use to bring others to Him. Thankfully in the story below, SGA-supported Pastor Vladimir’s testimony spoke beyond words and prompted questions from an unbeliever.  Read more from Vladimir . . .

Everyone knows that the work of spreading the Gospel is very important and necessary. I often face the question of to whom and when to preach the Gospel. It becomes more and more difficult to do this, but since the church of Christ has not yet united with Christ, we, as disciples of Christ, must speak to people about Christ and not be silent.

Recently I was traveling on a train with a very educated woman who had a high position in the past. She spoke to me about the weather and about work. And I was thinking that I, a Christian, will only talk to her about the weather. My conscience spoke to me, because God will ask me for the soul of this person, and I am obliged to tell her about Christ. There are only questions in my head wondering how to start a conversation with her.

And suddenly she says: “I see you are a special person, not like the others with whom I spoke earlier. Your speech is calm and there are no swear words.” She apologized for her curiosity and asked me if I was a believer. I replied that she was right, I am a believer. She asked where and what time the service would be held. I told her and invited her. Her name is Alla. She is in the photo.

And at that moment I felt ashamed, when did we Christians become so timid that sinners who do not know God themselves began to turn to us to be told about God, to be invited to church, so that we could talk about eternity. We often talk to a person about God, but he does not want to listen, we speak a second time, he resists, and then we leave him without assuming that perhaps this is his last day before eternity with God or in torment.”

Pastor Vladimir

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