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Editor’s Note: The testimony and video below were provided by an SGA staff member in Israel.

When SGA’s Senior Vice President of Ministry Operations, Eric Mock, recently travelled to Israel, he spent time in SGA-supported Pastor Wilhelm’s new church plant. “This is a church where I really feel truly loved and accepted as I am,” a young woman from the congregation said.

Watch her video interview with Eric and see how grateful she is for the teaching she is hearing at Wilhelm’s church. Truth from God’s Word is helping her “come back” from a season of running from Him and start her life “in a new way.” 

“In Wilhelm’s church was a young woman who spoke good English.  Her name was Bat’ El or Daughter of God. She was raised in a Christian home, but by age 18 had gone her own way. Giving herself to many men and to drugs, her life seemed almost at an end. It was at that moment she both remember what she learned as a child and was prompted by God to turn to Him in faith. She came into the Drug Rehab program in Beer Sheva and is now attending the church that Wilhelm pastors.

“I tried to record a video, in fact I went outside to do it.  Just then a bus pulled up and reversed down the alley. So the recording is poor, but I hope you see her heart.”

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