Mar 02, 2017

SGA-Sponsored Summer Camp Ministry in Tomsk, Russia

Out on the banks of the Ob River, we held three camps for children and youth of different ages. We called it Bethel – the House of God. The purpose of the camp was to reach children with the Gospel, teaching biblical truths, even as we also had many fun activities together. We had two shifts in the camp with 80 children, and half of them were kids from unsaved families.

The children are completely captivated by the camp activities, which always point to the Lord Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Our program for younger children stressed the reality of our Creator, who did miracles in nature. The focus was on the Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest miracle of all—through whom all the miracles of nature happen (Romans 1:19). The children were “tourists” who wanted to know more about the camp and its Host – God! 

The older children were invited to the “Island of Salvation,” and we based the lessons on the theme of “the ultimate hero.” And the main Person on whom we focused is the Ultimate Hero – the Lord Jesus Christ. We explained the Bible’s truths about Him and the Gospel, and then we told them of the choice they needed to make to follow Jesus and entrust their lives to Him.

Through these sessions, the children became acquainted with the fundamentals of the Christian faith, the Bible and prayer. And the Lord worked through the proclamation of His Word. We had 15 children repent of their sins in the first session, and 19 children in the second session. We give glory to God for these miracles!

On the last day of the camp, we offered Christian literature to the children—Bibles and evangelistic books for children. At least half of the children took literature with them. And on the way back to Tomsk, our bus broke down. But rather than be upset, we were thankful because God prolonged our camp and time with the children! We had more time to talk to unsaved people. We prayed, and the bus began to run, so we arrived back in Tomsk safely! 

Summer 2016 was a blessed time for us in Tomsk, and we are so thankful! Please pray for the children who were reached, and as we follow up with them.

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