A Pastor Thanks SGA Supporters in a Time of Open Doors

Ivan B.
SGA-Supported Missionary Pastor in Ukraine

Members of Pastor Ivan's church.
Members of Pastor Ivan’s church.

Dear partners, brothers, and sisters, I sincerely greet you with the love of Christ! Our merciful Lord gives us further opportunities to work for His Glory and Kingdom. 

God Heals

I want to share with you one of the testimonies that happened in our small local church. One of our sisters in the church has a non-believing granddaughter who suffered from brain cancer a few years ago. The church prayed, and the Lord blessed her with good treatment and a successful operation. There were no traces of cancer left in her body— it was simply a miracle of God. But a few weeks ago, this 30-year-old woman—who has a husband and two children—was again diagnosed with a malignant tumor during a regular examination by her doctors. The doctors did not give any guarantees, but took her to the hospital for an urgent operation. 

The church was very strong, devoted in prayers before and during the operation. Everything went extremely successfully and blessedly. Her healing came so instantly that even the doctors were extremely surprised. 

Usually, the type of anesthesia she had requires a whole day for recovery, and this young woman woke up while she was still in the operating room. She was strong enough to get up two hours later and wanted to eat very much. This is an extraordinary miracle of God, and a testimony to this family about the power of God and His mercy. After she returns home to the village, I plan to visit their family to thank God together. As a church, we continue to pray for their salvation. Join us in prayer!

God Draws Young People! 

We are looking forward to summer camps already. Last year, throughout the summer the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to hold a children’s day camp. We were allowed to do it at the village stadium and the sports hall of the local vocational school. 

There were 110 children who visited the camp, and adults were also present. In a different village, children’s evangelistic meetings were held on every other Saturday. There were more than 100 children and adults who came to these meetings every time. The meetings were filled with fellowship, games for children, Bible lessons and much more. After these meetings, more children began to attend Sunday school classes. Also on Saturday, classes are held for children to study the Scriptures at their level. Each week we had approximately 20-25 little friends attend these classes. 

Also, separately for the young people, the meetings are held on Saturday evenings, where they study various biblical topics, sing together, grow, and have fellowship for spiritual growth and development. My wife started a ministry for teenage girls, where they go through Bible lessons learning about God, and His vision for women and girls. At each meeting, 15 or more of the girls came, most of them are not from the church and they came to all the meetings with joy. They all look forward to the next meetings. 

Dear friends, thank you very much for your ministry with us through financial and prayer support. We thank God for you!

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