Your prayers and gifts support Gospel outreach

Mikhail M.
SGA-Supported Missionary Pastor in Ukraine

I thank God that I and my family are among the living. In June, I visited the southern Ukraine region five times. We take bread, food, and medicines, and we hold services. We also evacuate people away from there. We pray with them, feed them, and take them. They tell what they experienced in their lives.

I will never forget this past June when we were at the distribution aid center in southern Ukraine near the railway station. We had come with the deacon of the church in the morning. We were hoping to return by noon due to the shelling becoming more constant at noon. We had started talking, and about 50 elderly people came to us and told us about the horror of the war that they had to go through. 

One old woman said, “We were beaten, burned with bombs, robbed, killed, and recently drowned. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We live for today.” I offered to evacuate them, and she replied, “We are 70 years old, where should we go? We will be here. What God will give?” I replied, “You know that in the Bible, a man said that when there is war, then I will still trust in God.” Another woman was standing next to her, and she said, “This is what David said.” I asked her if she ever read the Bible, and she answered that she did. We all stood together for prayer, and then the shelling began—on houses, and on pharmacies. All the people automatically got down on the ground, and we were told that everyone has two minutes to run to cover. We decided to pray and go back home. We were leaving the city, and on the way out four rockets hit the store. There was an ambulance near the store. The driver was only 27 years old and was sitting in the ambulance, where he died. I prayed to the Lord that he would save at least the deacon, because he has six small children. But God saved him and me, and we returned home alive. Thank God! 

We also continue the service of helping displaced people. There are more of them every Sunday, especially from the Southern Ukraine. We help with everything we can, some with medicine, clothes, and some with shelter. We distribute products to all of them. We do it after the worship service. We ourselves are amazed at how God works in our region. People constantly came to the church for help, but now they come to listen to the Word of God! This is how God leads our church, which opens up new opportunities for serving people. 

For the third month already, the church has been feeding hot lunches to displaced people and people living below the poverty line. Dinners are prepared for 70-80 people. People come to church, have 30-40 minutes of fellowship, the Word of God is read, and the topic is discussed. 

Despite the age and the fact that people are from different regions, there is always a family and warm atmosphere. People ask questions, there is a discussion, a prayer, then there is further communication at the table. People testify that this service helps them a lot not only in economic matters, but also in spiritual matters. Thank God for this opportunity! We experienced such blessings during this period. Thank God for you—for your support, help, and love for us. May God bless you, your church, and your family!

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