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Editor’s Note: The following report, testimonies, and images were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

In his most recent church report, SGA-supported Pastor Sergei writes, “Thanks to our fruitful cooperation, new people are constantly coming to the church and the Gospel message is spreading very powerfully.” Though the war in Ukraine continues, we trust in God’s providence and that He . . . meant it for good (Genesis 50:20). Praise Him with us that the Gospel is going forth!

Sergei also shares with us testimonies from three Ukrainians who have been helped physically through aid distribution and nurtured spiritually through teaching of the Word.

Peace be with you, dear brothers and sisters!

By God’s grace, the Ukrainian people have been resisting military aggression for two years in a row.

The Church “Nadiia” (that means HOPE) continues to perform ministry for IDPs [internally displaced persons] and for the families of those who defend our country. Since the beginning of the war, more than 1,000 people have come through the church services we have been holding every week. Every month we start a new group, which gathers about 60 to 65 new people. We introduce the basic truths of the Gospel to these people during eight meetings.

At each of these meetings, our visitors hear about the Gospel and receive material assistance in the form of food aid packages. This aid we have received from you, our dear friends from SGA, and other sponsors involved in this project. This assistance is very significant and timely, and our visitors can prove this too. Thanks to our fruitful cooperation, new people are constantly coming to the church and the Gospel message is spreading very powerfully.

People who have been forced to leave their homes and leave the dangerous areas have rather small incomes and are not always able to find a job due to the limited number of jobs. So, any help with food or hygiene products is accepted with great gratitude. More than 140 people regularly come to our Bible study groups. It is an incredible time when the Church has become a real shelter for our citizens, affected by the consequences of the war. We want to continue to use every opportunity to spread the Gospel to as many people as possible. Thank you for helping us in this ministry of God and for His glory! We sincerely appreciate your support. We thank the Lord for you and your ministry.

May the Lord bless you abundantly!


Here are three testimonies . . .

Using Every Opportunity To Spread The Gospel

Testimony #1

My name is Lyudmila. I grew up in an intelligent family. My parents paid a lot of attention to me and my brother, who has already died, unfortunately. I have two sons who are now fighting in the front zone. I have lived [here] all my life. Now I and the church are praying for my sons. All our defenders need our prayers.

Now I am a pensioner. The war has had a strong negative impact on me and my family. I am an elderly mother. I am very worried about my sons, but I trust God and believe that the mother’s prayers are protecting them and many of our defenders.

I am very grateful to you and all the people who donate for us for the food aid. I have always considered myself a believer, but my faith has become stronger with the war. I came to church because I was invited as a mother of two sons who are fighting at the front line. Here I am supported, provided with wonderful food products, the church is praying for my family, and I need these prayers very much. I really like to listen when the preacher explains the Word of God. Everything is so clear and accessible! I really want and have a desire to continue to come to the church, to the Bible study groups as well. Thank you for everything!

Using Every Opportunity To Spread The Gospel 1

Testimony #2

My name is Tamara, an IDP from a city in northeast Ukraine. My parents were ordinary people, they worked at a factory. I also have a sister.

I live [here] now with my son. My husband stayed with his elderly father. Our house is very close to the border. So when the war started, volunteers took us all out, who agreed, because it was impossible to live there anymore. There were no difficulties in leaving. Before the war, I worked at the State University.

At the beginning of the war it was certainly difficult, we changed our place of living several times. Poltava residents are very kind people, they help us a lot. We are grateful to the church, because the Lord God takes care of us through good people, through the local church. Once I was invited to come to the Hope Church, where people really care about us. They tell us a lot about God and explain the Bible correctly. I began to seek God more and pray more. Over time, I began to understand the Bible more. All my questions are answered when I come to the groups. And it makes everything so much easier to understand. I thank God and you for everything you do!

Using Every Opportunity To Spread The Gospel 2

Testimony #3

My name is Galyna. I came from a city in northeast Ukraine. My family was from a rural area. I grew up in a village. We lived humbly, and had our own small farm. We worked hard because that’s how we had to live.

Now I live alone in a room. My daughter also came [here], and she and her family live not far from me. I help them a lot. At the beginning of the war, we lived in the basement. My house was destroyed. I stayed in the basement for 40 days. My daughter lived in a more heavily shelled city at that time. And no one could stand the shelling and explosions. Both adults and children were under constant stress! We were invited [to come here].

At the beginning of the war, Christians helped us a lot. Their love and care lifted our spirits so much. Therefore, Christians had an impact on my reassessment of my thinking. I fell in love with the Word of God. I read it with delight and prayed that God would reveal Himself to me more and more. I study His Word deeply. The Lord has dwelt in my heart. I even took a Bible course and completed it.

Even when I was in the basement under fire, I prayed a lot and I believe that God saved me. The war changed me radically. Before the war, I did not like to read the Bible at all, although I had it at home. I loved Christians; they lived close by. But I absolutely did not want to go to church with them. They seemed “not of this world” to me. And now I am the same as these Christians. I am “not of this world.”

I am grateful to the Lord that through the horrors of war, I got to know Jesus Christ better, and God revealed Himself to me through Christians, through the church, through His Holy Scripture. I am ready to hug all people and tell them about God’s love. I am delighted with the groups, with the fellowship, with the prayers, with the fact that God loves me! Thank you for all the food aid. May the Lord fully reward you and the sponsors who show us their love and care!

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