Mar 22, 2017
Crisis Evangelism Fund

While Pastor Pavel Dudka’s church is located in western Ukraine, the people in his region are still affected by the war and bloodshed that is taking place in the eastern regions. Churches across Ukraine have been reaching out to refugees and other needy families, and God is using this troubled time to draw many to Himself. Pastor Pavel recently shared a wonderful account of how even city officials are open to hearing of Christ’s love . . .

Winter this year has been severely cold, especially over Christmas, but even the severe cold weather and snow didn’t stop us from fulfilling the Great Commission—to go and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In January, we had a major evangelical program in our downtown, and I want to share with you just how God worked through that program.

Sharing the Gospel in UkraineWe went out for the purpose of evangelism and invited more than 200 people to our meeting, which we had in the downtown district. I can tell you that the building that we rented for the meeting was really small. Even so, it was packed with unbelieving people. We had also invited the mayor of our town, and not only did he come, but also all of his assistants! We presented the program we had prepared for almost two hours, and a many people were crying as they heard the news about Jesus. As I preached, I spoke of the terrible situation in Ukraine today with the conflict in the east, and that there is only one hope for Ukraine—the Lord Jesus. Jesus is the solution for our poor and devastated country. Many people were crying as they listened.

At the end of the meeting, I asked our mayor to speak, so he came to the stage and said, “This is the first meeting that I’ve ever been to, in which I had peace in my soul during this very short time.” Then he added, “Please do more such meetings! We need it!

Pavel concluded his report by saying, “We are thankful. God is still working, and people are getting saved, and it is amazing!” We rejoice with thanksgiving for the open door God has created for the Gospel. Please prayerfully consider a gift to SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund, which helps evangelical churches reach out with the Gospel and physical aid to refugees and other needy families impacted by the Ukrainian conflict.

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