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Jan 05, 2024
Editor’s Note: The images and testimonies below were provided by an SGA team member in Ukraine.

In so many of the ministry reports we receive from SGA-supported pastors serving in the  Ukraine war zone, we see how what man meant for evil . . . God meant for good (Genesis 50:20). The two testimonies you will read below are no different, and we pray they are an encouragement to you and to other friends who support the churches we serve through your generosity and prayers.

A former atheist named Konstantin says: “We now realize that God led us in this way to grant us an opportunity to meet with wonderful Christians one day . . . Christians take special care of us as displaced people. This is God’s love for us through them!” And a mother named Elia says: “I believe that it was God who brought us to this church. . . . So often there is no time for God. But He Himself saw our suffering and helped us.”

Read more of their encouraging testimonies and join us in giving thanks to God for drawing Konstantin and Elia to Himself through the outreach of His people. Though the war still continues, God is in control. He can be trusted and He is using this time of suffering for good . . . so that more Ukrainians will come to know Him.

What God Meant For Good Testimony 1

Testimony #1

My name is Konstantin, I came from eastern Ukraine. We came [here] in April, 2022. We did not even think about coming here from the Donetsk region. But when the bombs started hitting and what I saw with my own eyes, I don’t want to see it anymore (crying . . .) I often had suicidal thoughts after everything I saw. We had to flee right away. Where to? We didn’t know, but we’d rather run away. We hastily loaded up the car with the most necessary things. We have one daughter, two grandchildren. My son-in-law is serving in the army, defending the country. Later my friend invited me to come [here] and we came here at once.

We like living here. From time to time, we hear from our hometown that the invaders are still dropping everything they can on the city. If we hadn’t left there, we wouldn’t be alive anymore. We are waiting for the victory to return to our home. Our house there is partially destroyed because of shelling. To live there again, we’ll need to rebuild it well. So sad and depressing about everything! 

Here . . . people are very kind and have always helped us if we need something with the products. We were allowed to live in an old house, where no one was living. 

We got to the Evangelical Baptist Church through an advertisement. There are many IDPs here  that this church works with, so we found it easily. Pastor Leonid met us and since then we have been attending church services that uplift our spirit, that help our hearts to be still. We now realize that God led us in this way to grant us an opportunity to meet with wonderful Christians one day. And may we think it is all because of the food packages. Yes, thanks to the food packages and the kind people who live far away, the mission that cares, God has led us to the House of Prayer in this way!

For me, an atheist communist, this is a miracle! Of course, it’s not all that easy to change from a communist to a Christian so quickly in your mind, when you’ve had decades of propaganda drummed into you about “right living without God.” But, I am disillusioned with everyone and everything about the past ideology. I no longer consider myself an atheist. I see that the church is way ahead of the state and its ideology. Very far ahead! It is true! It is a pity that such a long way I made it without God! In my past work, I dealt with believers. They were the only people I could completely trust with absolutely everything! So I can see that God has from time to time brought me into contact with such people, who believed in Him. And it’s no mere coincidence either!  The only thing I want is to return home, where I was raised. Asking God for the victory!

I am thankful that I can come to this church, where it is so peaceful and where the Christians take special care of us as displaced people. This is God’s love for us through them

What God Meant For Good Testimony 2

Testimony #2

My name is Elia. I came from southern Ukraine with my son and my elderly mother in December of last year.  We could not stand all the shelling and decided to come here. We believed in God in our own way and sincerely asked Him to help us escape from the shelling. We were living on an island there and to get out of there, we had to cross a bridge that was constantly shelled by the enemy. During the crossing, God really had mercy and there was no shelling at that time. 

We left by an evacuation train. I have a relative [here] who hosted us at first. But later it was difficult for all of us to live together in a small apartment and we had to look for another place to live. Now we live separately and all this thanks to the Christians who care so much about us. The Revival Church has been a great support in difficult times of experience and trials for me, my son and mother. Other people advised us to go to a church where they help. We went and we loved the atmosphere and the impact there was completely different. Not the kind of influence that we meet in the world. But the influence is positive, after such a friendly attitude, my heart rejoices, tears flow from joy and gratitude for the help and human warmth. My son is disabled, so this attitude is the most valuable gift for me. I believe that it was God who brought us to this church. Otherwise we would not have looked for anything like this. We have many concerns and sufferings of our own. So often there is no time for God. But He Himself saw our suffering and helped us. This is such happiness! 

Now my sincere wishes to God are that this terrible war will end and we will return home. Although I understand that there is nowhere to go back to, because our apartment is partially destroyed and, in addition, after the enemy blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric power dam, our building was flooded. Many of my elderly neighbors died because they could not get out. Too many people drowned. I often weep with hopelessness when I think about those people and hate the [invaders] who have killed and are killing my people. The area where we lived was flooded by 62%. Now the water has receded, but the misery and devastation it left behind will take a long time to clean up and put everything in order. I have no more tears, because I have already cried them all during this time. We need to go to church. We need to always have some kind of communication with each other. Because without Christian communication, it is simply impossible to live. 

I thank God for the church, for the good people in this church. Where God is present, it is always safe and peaceful. That’s how we feel at Revival Church. Thank you to the sponsors who show their love through good deeds. 

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary, and SGA-supported Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.  

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, medicine, warm clothing, and shoes.

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