What You Make Possible
Jan 03, 2019
Compassion Ministry

What You Make PossibleSGA’s Compassion Ministry at a Glance

SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry takes place as God provides through churches and missionary pastors throughout Russia and her neighboring countries.

Here are a few brief glimpses of the ongoing ministry sent to us by the churches.

Praise the Lord for the ministry with which God has entrusted us here in Birobidzhan, Russia (Jewish Autonomous Oblast). We thank you and our dear Lord for your financial support. There are currently 24 people located at our ministry, which we call the Mayak Center. We recently harvested our potatoes for the year. I had written earlier about a Jewish woman named Lena. Praise God that she is involved in our ministry and reads Scripture during our meetings. She also helped us in the potato harvest. At the end of last month, we had one woman who entered into eternity. We had spoken to her about Christ, but her heart was closed. But then we have Inna, who heard the Gospel and repented. She married a man who has physical challenges, and we visit them in their apartment. They come out to our center for worship services. We rely on the Lord and His help, and we praise the Lord that we are able to minister together to needy people and bring them the message of the Gospel!

                                                                                    —Pastor Viktor Lokaichuk


In Central Asia, I visit a tuberculosis hospital and share the Gospel as I have opportunity. Through Compassion Ministry, many are hearing of Christ’s love and are interested in hearing the Word of God. There was one man not long ago who was in very grave condition. I visited him and told him about Christ. He immediately repented and received the Lord. On my next visit, I found out that he had gone into eternity.

                                                                                    —Missionary Pastor in Uzbekishan


One of our pastors in Georgia visited a family with three children. The parents had fled the region of Abkhazia during their 1993 war and settled in Georgia. The parents recently divorced, and the children stayed with their mother. They had been living in an old military barrack, and this year the government gave them an apartment with no furniture and in disrepair. Then, the mother left for Italy to try and find work and left the children alone. The eldest daughter is 16, the next is 13, and the youngest son is 11. The oldest child left school to take care of the younger ones. We witnessed the cold and hunger in this household. We brought them food and will continue to visit them with help on a regular basis. Thank you for helping us help them!

                                                                                    —Sent from the Caucasus country of Georgia

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